05-23-2010 Advanced DCC – Part 5 Sound Decoders for Proto 2000

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Keith Gouge says:

tommie good to see you back, enjoyed this video very much.

Bobby says:

I have a Question? I think it is a DH165IP 8 Pin socket decoder for my SD70mac. Were I put it into the pins its too lose so what am I doing wrong…lol

Jabari White says:

Hey Tommie can you make a video for explaining your DCC system? I believe digitraxx is going to be my choice and I have a few more questions.

drgw771 says:

Great to see you back after almost 2 months! Great video, I appreciate all the ideas you share with us and the how to videos! Thanks!

tommie022481 says:

Hi Bobby, I'm not familiar with that decoder, we might be a letter or two off. Is the SD70MAC one of your Athearns?

tommie022481 says:

@Jabbajawz4life Hi Jabba, I need to do a video on command stations. It should answer most DCC questions. But please ask if you have any specific questions. I'll do my best to answer them.

Jabari White says:

@tommie022481 I think that Digitraxx is what system I will be going for on my layout when I get done tearing it down and putting it in the basement. Is it hard to setup at all? And what digitraxx system do you use? And the last one is if I were to get the Digitraxx Zephyr and I wanted to use a handheld throttle like the dtl402 I think thats the name of the one you use how many can I connect to the zephyr unit?

railroading29 says:

nice work tommie……..

railroading29 says:

nice work tommie

tommie022481 says:

@Jabbajawz4life Hey Jabba,
It's actually very easy. The very basic setup is two wires just like DC power. I started with a Zepher. It was very affordable and easy to learn on. With any Digitrax command station, you can always upgrade and add more throttles to it such as the DT402 as well as others.

The Zepher can run 10 address and/or throttles at one time. The Super Empire Builder can run 22 (this is what I have now), and the Super Cheif can run 999 (I think).

Jabari White says:

@tommie022481 Well it looks like I will get the zephyr then. The reason why is because its cheaper and I can add the DT402. But it kinda doesn't make since to do that when I think about it when I can get the Super Empire Builder which is just 350.00 and would make a bit more since. IDK lol either or lol. Thanks again

Brian Arnold says:

Hi Tom, sorry to keep asking questions, i just like to make sure i know whats going on. In this vid, at 2.33, you mention removing a bulb from each side as there are times it doesn't work properly. I noticed during testing at 9:08, the number board is illuminated while headlights are not.. then a few seconds later the headlight comes on.. DOes this mean you were able to keep all the lights in?

tommie022481 says:

@midrange18 It may just be the lighting in the video. There is only one bulb on either side that was placed in a location so that it would hit both the number boards and the headlight when on.


i just bout mine but i didnt see this video but i got a dcc and sound all in one decoder i wish i saw this be fore,or i whould of done it yore way this yay(i dont know what i was thinking_) dut i need to mill the rear out to fit the speaker help what do i doo?

tommie022481 says:

@jimster57727 There is more than one way to install the speaker. If you mill the weight down, you may be able to place a larger speaker into the engine.


@tommie022481 thats what i hafe to do now….maby you can make a vid on it….? lol :P…i think it is under whaited alrighty thu… but i want sound in it so bad…maby i can do a double header……ps i got a proto 2000 gp-7 qubec north shore and labadore…in fact i got two…i heard thay where rare tell me if im wrong tho lol 😛

Ced Longstreet says:

Hey man great video I just got one of these do you think a SFX006 decoder will work?THANKS

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