Amazing Model Train Layout

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Jim Donaldson (Scotland) says:

Great to hear horns and whistles and chuff chuff sounds. Great to watch ancillary operations like people movement, active level crossing,vehicle movement, water wheel. Great potential for factory machinery, boats sailing in and out harbour, bus and tram tracks following complementary routes, long boats thru canal network. The world’s your oyster!! What about adding a mini camera to a couple of locos to mix with long shots,

Danny (Scotland as well) says:

Beautiful layout and hours and hours of work to perfect it,then someone comes along with a lo def piece of shit for a camera and films it.

lamkida says:

Great layout. Shame about the camera work – made me feel quite? unwell.

am19862011 says:

nobody? cares about how you feel, how about next time you keep your feelings to yourself and let the rest of us browse youtube in peace.

am19862011 says:

wow? you sound like an exciting person

DJMikaelito says:

Thank you….i remember as a kid i always wanted to? see one model layout like these one.

am19862011 says:

yea i guess needs to be? bugger, thats just my opinion

DJMikaelito says:

hahhahaha ?

lamkida says:

Yeah – fuck you? too.

drumkid330 says:

@iamkida screw? you idiot

Joe Muennink says:

That’s amazing!?

cbertsbnsf says:

Hey Dell, while? they’re updating to satisfy you, maybe you can take an English class.

redrover572 says:

O scale is? the best.

FireAlarmMan458 says:

The? layout is really cool! I love the articulated locomotives!

TheBeechingAxe says:

It always seems? to come down to size, doesn’t it?

MrStan1941 says:


ojam4263 says:

O scale??

Aphyxsiate says:

1:10? What train is that?

24chancer says:

4:50 is that a Union Pacific? Big Boy?

ChristopherTheWolf says:

Amazing layout man. I have 2 questions. 1: how long did it take you to put that? all together? 2: how many trains do you normally run at one time?

nelsonafonso1 says:

this is wonderful!?

funnyflab says:

wish my? garage and budget was big enough to have something to this degree

TrackMaster555 says:

my layout is going to have both diesels and steamers. Model railways are about having fun. You dont have to have it in a certain time frame. It really limits you like say you set the time frame in the? 1940’s where steam was king. But then at the store you saw a really cool SD40-2 diesel loco. Then i would look out of place with the rest of your steamers

haziblayo says:

It cool I want it!!?

Greg14080 says:

Thanks for uploading this video. Nice layout, animations, and a decent rail yard to boot! Congrats to the group/club that spent the time making a? great layout!

TheRealRely says:

No, thats a? Up 9000
(i think)

rebbyfield1 says:

i have some really cool large buildings for sale if anyone is interested also a large wooden bride..general store,jail…some have inside items.these would most likely be for an outdoor model railroad…if interested in seeing? pics email me at

rebbyfield1 says:

i have some really cool large buildings for sale if anyone is interested also a large wooden bridge..general store,jail…some have inside items.these would most likely be for an outdoor model railroad…if interested in seeing pics email? me at

CatspitProductions says:

That is wicked.? I love the moving accessories. ?

RailwayDemon says:

Scenery is great! Time frame…? Not so much.

carmium says:

It’s more? a toy train setup than a real layout. But, each to his own, I guess.

engineercaseyjones says:

Love the concept, as I see a lot of kids there. Future model railroaders? We hope so! Great job and I love the multiple time-era setting! Yes, the purist may complain, but I see the purpose and the effect on the young people! ? Keep up the great work! PS, it would be really neat to see an articulated steam engine pulling a load of modern cars like you have here! That would be a sight to see! Cheers!

hines1957 says:

You folks complaining about time frames and other details probably did not read the description and don’t realize that this setup is in a museum and is intended to? showcase a range of styles and periods.

thejmiester14 says:

If someone saw me while i was watching this, they might have thought i had rabies… ?_? this is COMPLETELY AMAZING!!!!!!!!!?

triverman says:

just incredable,…. my next vacation will be there. one question where do you buy all the neat buildings? im new to model trains, just got all my grandfathers american flyers trains that i enjoyed as a kid. using all upstairs of my house for? trains…. cant get enough. any ideas or web sites will help, thanks

hines1957 says:

I find your comment highly “ironical”?

hines1957 says:

The whole criticism is absurd; the grammar and spelling mistakes are just the icing on the cake. The description and video titles make it clear that this model is in a museum and is intended to exhibit several different styles at once. It is not intended to show off top-of-the-line? modern equipment; it is showing off historical pieces.

TheDollhouseMuseum says:

Enjoyed the video! –? Lori Kagan-Moore, Director, The Great American Dollhouse Museum

modeltrain9500 says:

thats not ironic, its apropos !? ;D

trainroomgary says:

First Class Layout, with? a lot of action. 3 Rail at its best.

awizardalso says:

Just what I expected. Someone who critiques other’s work and/or videos yet has none of their own for? the return favor. Perhaps you were deleted as you have nothing of any consequence to contribute.

awizardalso says:

Just awesome, period. ?

jaxdavidr says:

Looks great to me. I thought? it was supposed to be a “fun” hobby. Congratulations on a great layout!

xasku1 says:

Build a model train layout? lets you extremely proud of the website:

John Deere says:

Awesome! That’s all I can? say! Thanks for posting!

ModelRailroadHobby says:

That is a terrific layout. Not sure why there are some people who? have to make negative comments. Job well done in my opinion.

KandNWLR says:

Subbed. Now that?s something. Excellent quality video of a highly impressive layout. Check out my (slightly smaller 🙂 Kent & North Wales Light Railway? here on Youtube …

SuperCam0213 says:

i went there when i was 4 but im 13 now? but it was an awesome layout when i went

ECWnWWF says:

at 3:44 you’ve got actual running water. That is awesome. I don’t know? if you have one, but could you make a video on the technique you used to accomplish that?

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