AMERICA'S LARGEST BNSF/UP MODEL RR – Layout Tour: The La Mesa Model RR Club

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jay capp says:

Thanks. great layout.


How many rail cars dose your engines pull to me it's look like 100 rail cars

Michael Stillwagner says:

I would love to run on y'alls layout but I don't think Chessie System would be welcomed there. I know it isn't at the club I use to be a member of. Hence use to be.

Douglas McCarty says:

It would be nice when finished to have the cars and trucks moving on the highways and streets. I seen one that does this on a HO scale railway in Germany

john altyn says:

Thank you so much for your outstanding landscape. I used to drive up to Tehachapi mountains and watch the trains move through the little town of Mohave, CA. EXCELLENT WORK

Jon Guiot says:

whats the square footage of this layout?

Modelrailroad10 says:

Very impressive layout. I really enjoyed it.

Brasso says:

Hello, question for you. Have you ever run (or would you) British mainline diesels on your layout for something different to run. I know it’s a random question, but Iv seen a few British layouts with the odd SD70 or the like running round, just because they can. I also own a couple of SD units as I don’t mind American units either. Also how long would a full loop take to get round.
Thanks for the tour of a great layout as well.

David McDougall says:

Hey just happened to run across this if I’m not mistaken some guy took your video and reposted it

Herman Henttu says:

HOLY SHIT with cat size letters

Jonny Beck says:

Just amazing… and looking f'ward to an update and some 1950's era ops.

Ken Price says:

Waaaay too much "looking around" and shaky camera work. Worthless video.

Jack Sagrafsky says:

Impressive layout and give the club credit for the detail. But it looks like there is more work to be done and now that it's 2019 hope most if not all work has finished and would enjoy a video of the layout as it is now.

kswift672000 says:

Why do they run the trains so sloooooooooooooow on a long stretch? Let those trains roll like in real life!

Paul Rosa says:

I get a catalog every month from Micromark (because I bought some metal years ago) and until seeing some of these videos, I never noticed the pages of HO model stuff. Now I watch these videos and realize these layouts must involve hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of track, rolling stock, engines, and such a wide range of building types in kit form. The typical engine averaged about $300 and rolling stock seemed to go for about $25 a piece. Building kits could range from $20 to well over $100. If the manhours involved are added in, as well as the materials for the landscape and all the lumber and metal for the tables etc, I wouldn't be surprised if that setup was worth millions of dollars, if such things could be easily sold.
Now I know why one seldom, if ever, sees old model railroad items at garage sales, junk shops or Goodwill stores. This stuff is man jewelry. I am amazed that technology like railroads also requires the modeler to pay so much attention to the landscape. In some of thee layouts, the railroad itself seems almost like an excuse to model the landscape. It can be so evocative and even poetic. I don't have the money or space for even a small layout but have started to love watching these big setups.
I have one question I can't find an answer to online. Do the clubs own the stock or do the members pool their own resources and equipment while they are members? According to the comments below, this layout has been around for decades. The club must have accrued some serious value in all those years and it looks like it requires some serious responsibilities on the part of the members. Model railroads at this scale are the toys that aren't really toys anymore from the looks of it.

Decrepit Chef says:

Awesome video. Thanks

Kaki says:


Dillian Murphey says:

That layout needs one thing. A running train. ? jk.

William Baynes says:

Sorry the noise of humans talking in the background is a right put off!

Andrew Poole says:

So. Much. Tsunami. UGH…worst sound decoders ever!

Joe Stephan says:

Having been along the entire route for real many times, yes, more please.

Blk Pig says:

Crazy! B.P.

m s says:

Heaven forbid if you ever had a fire you would not get out of the building.

Sgt DeBones says:

Throw in a light rail line

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