'Ashburton' – N Gauge Model Railway Layout

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suzuki750stu says:

Great video, Cheers Stu @ Lime Junction (N Gauge)

ratrod diesels says:

in an other dimension, i spend my days riding here.

Ken Bird says:

A lovely railway and that hidden sector plate is neat engineering.

Theduke71000 says:

Funny the first exhibition layout I ever built was Ashburton in N scale. But that was back in 1977-78. Just wish there had been more quality stock back in those days, as I was forced to scratch build nearly all locos and coaching stock, as well as the track. Nice to see someone else has seen the potential of Ashburton as a compact but fairly diverse subject. I'm not a fan of sector plates however as these always prove too slow under exhibition conditions in my book !     

Graham Clayton says:

Are sector plates common in N gauge railways? 1:12 always reminds me that I'm looking at an English model – the 4 wheeled coal cars with the company names on the side.

Fire Gaming72 says:

What station building did you use??? Can u send me the link…..thx

Roger says:

This really does look superb.

JustLiam says:

Amazing work, beginner over here! My progress is slow, please take a look if you have some spare time http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6JPCVECSx8K6mCRhmxb1ChNMXgifKNQp

Fintan O'Neill says:

Kudos. Beautiful work!

GordWing says:

What a beautiful layout… Love the painted scenery for the distant hills. Outstanding…

behappyynot says:

Very impressive, such attention to detail

Adam Hoch says:


Luís Antônio Marrega says:

Fantástico meu amigo, esta maquete tem uma grande riqueza de detalhes. Rio RJ Brasil

Andy Whittle says:

Absolutely brilliant modelling skills, Love every part of the layout with fantastic skill on display.

Ingo E. Henke says:

The Joy of Model

Guy Massey says:

Please excuse my ignorance. What is "Builder Plus Stone"? I love the look of it but am clueless where to source it. Google has not helped either!

Ewood Railway says:

Great detail, I love it

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