Awesome Large Model Railroad RR HO H.O. Scale Gauge Train Layout @ Milwaukee with amazing trains

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Over 7000 Diecast Model Cars

Today I’m in Milwaukee on 3-4-18 and sharing the North American Prototype Modelers LTD Model Railroad Club that’s been in existence since 1977.

I’m speaking with Club Member Dennis Mess as he shares details of the layout.

The layout has many areas that are amazingly detailed. The engines, cars, scenery on the layout are of the highest quality, and many items are custom and hand built.

This is just a wonderful experience to view.

North American Prototype Modelers LTD., is located at 3333 S 27th Street, Milwaukee, WI and for further details go to


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Brian Bunney says:

Love the attention to detail here. Would be cool to see a video of the layout from a train's perspective. I see that they are working on a night mode which would be fun to see. I think you proably should hsve broken it up into 2 videos so you wouldn't have to be hurried to fit it under 30 minutes. But it's all good!

scooter toro says:

Must say I love this video but I must say if you could slow down and maybe have done this in a couple videos that would be awesome to see you’re going way too fast to catch all the scenery but I got to say this layout is impressive and thank you for the video

Palgrave says:

Camera Tip No. 378: If the image blurs while you are walking and filming, you are moving too fast.

Ewood Railway says:

Simply wonderful, thanks for sharing

Logan H says:

try getting a gimbal

FOTZEL says:


cmf1965 says:

Boring, and mundane inaccurate observations by the camera guy. 🙁 Comments noting the obvious, and has little knowledge about the industries, mines, and/or railroads in general, etc. P.S. "LTD" translates to "Limited!" 🙁 Great HO layout! Five Stars! (Y)

Mr. Mike Taylor Piano Teacher says:

Amazing layout !
Cameraman needs to slow down
Was unimpressed by there water. Especially considering they have so much of it. Looks more like super glossy/dirty paint then water.

Doug Valmore says:

In your attempt to show everything we can see nothing. SLOW DOWN!!!

Jim Organ says:

You need to work on your camera work, too fast.

Steven C says:

14:42 only the best model rail roads would include the working class projects.

Oscar Gonzalez says:

Wish I hit the lotto jackpot!!!!

HenryL161947 says:

camera work sub par , too jerky too fast ,,,,,

Hartmut Lorentzen says:

A very nice layout, but the camera could be better.

CrazyBear65 says:

Beautiful. Outstanding workmanship. Cab ride please?

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