Bachmann and Hornby model trains

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tardedZnerfZgun says:


svinehunden says:

wow… alot has? happened since your last video 🙂 looks great…

hornbachhh says:

Thanks mate Ive spent alot? of hours just on the depot and Ive still got along way to go.I will keep the videos coming sorry about the poor quality of the clip andy

01276 says:

same as below..? wow what a difference, didn’t recognize it at first!

hornbachhh says:

Thanks guys ill? keep them coming!!!

virgintrainsfan says:

love the layout? how long as it taken you to build that

EWS60008 says:

Great layout mate and I love the? 80’s theme it has to it.

amsiesmodels says:

Great layout. Could you? tell me please if you don’t mind where the signal gantry comes from and the signal heads?

bbgunsrule324 says:

thats amazing how much did it cost? and wat board size have you got its just that im gonna build one like it and yours looks so cool thanks matt any advice on anything???????????

SteamMad says:

what do you use for? your loco yard and how do you get it to track hight with such realistic flangways??

Brazil2044 says:

what do you thinks better bachmann? hornby or heljen
In running wize and looks ?

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