Bachmann Commander HO DCC Train Set review

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BRC Rail says:

This was my first contact with the DCC. Operation extremely simplified and rich usage instructions. A great choice for a starter set.

bigtrainrocks says:

This was a great set for me when i was starting model railroading. Then i switched to Digitrax. This is good DCC? starter.

skaterock1234 says:

is the nickel track better than the steel??

Xenomorph237 says:

thats an awesome set. though it is quite pricey.?

SuperHOTrains says:

how? do you switch the track?

KnapfordMaster98 says:

Hornby DCC is? just like this, only E-Z command only has 10 addresses, and Hornby has like 99.

StuartRedman1 says:

should I get a life like or a bachman or? an atlas or an athearn? also does athearn have bachmann track?

StuartRedman1 says:

does thetrack detach? from the roadbed like atlas?

grandchancelor says:

Could you explain where this DCC fist in ? I am new and am building ( about to start planning the track layout ) a setup for my boy. We are looking at 00 guage as we will fit more in a smaller space. I want to start cheap, but if it is worth spending a little more to get a better set i will depending on the extra of course. Have been looking at a cheap $260. AUS kit here. SHould i spend a little? more to get more out of it ?

Kristofer Smith says:

no bachmann is a different but lesser quaity?

randomguy652 says:

Bachmann plastic lasts a while, just be careful when adding “real” roadbed. (This is coming straight form? my grandad)

Trolleymoose says:

This system is for dopes. Looks funky as hell and can’t do a fraction of what a typical DCC system can do. Buy it, and you will declare it obsolete in 10 minutes. If DCC is not EZ for you, then you should go back to DC? power packs and stay away from anything invented in the 21st. century. Good day chumps!

Allious01 says:

It is a great starter and guess what bud. Try and name one other DCC controler that can? also run a dc engine. You can buy it at certian places with an engine for as much as the engine would cost. There is no reason not to start with it. I admit it definately isn’t top notch but obsolete? No. And it is inexpensive compared to many other DCC controlers so it fits for people just getting into the hobby. It allows more people to start the hobby which can’t be concidered a bad thing.

Trolleymoose says:

DIgitrax, “BUD,” can operate a dc locomotive as well. Just select address 00. The new Digirtax Zephyr Plus can address over 9000 locos, has 3 amps usable, can operate 20 trains at a time, and deliver? 28 user functions to the throttle. This unit can be had for about $175.00. Good Day Chump!

LittleTeddylove1 says:


starguard says:

I’ve noticed that with this system you can run both trains one at a time on the same? track, but can you run BOTH trains at the same time while controlling each one individually?

jackisgone4ever says:

how much is the? set

rc planes says:

these sets cost from $170? to $220

MrTrainboy1 says:

I have used both the Hornby Digital Select Unit and the Bachmann EZ DCC controller,? and the Hornby one is FAR better. It has more functions, can save up to 99 loco addresses, and the sets that you get these controllers usually have an oval of track, 1 small siding, and a really large one, and you can expand it further, you get more carriages and better quality engines, but is a bit more expensive.

MMODoubter says:

From what I understand of DCC (and I am a beginner in this area), yes.

You can set one? engine to run constantly round a loop, for example, while doing some switching with another engine.

That is my understanding, at least.

From an outsider’s viewpoint, DCC looks great – IF you want to undergo the much higher cost of controller and engines.

vietvet68100 says:


vietvet68100 says:

Big mistake with backman they are cheap junk.?

Bradster863 says:

He’s? nervous! He’s shaking and stuttering

yoninjamon says:

How to you program the trains? and controller?

DirPaulyB says:

Your attitude is sad. They work 100% fine and I guarantee this as 80% of my railroad is made up of Bachmann models and the only malfunctions I ever have are dirty wheel sets. They are cheaper however, this is a? compromise with less detail/features etc Model railroading needs more affordable product lines like Bachmann to attract beginners to the hobby with economic, easy to use features so they can develop an interest from which to progress toward other avenues of model railroading. Eat a dick.

tyler salge says:


MrTrainboy1 says:

@Allious01 The hornby DCC select and elite units and? the digitrax

MrTrainboy1 says:

@grandchancelor Get him a hornby? set, if you want to spend a bit more, which you should, get him the Hornby East Coast Pullman, it’s a massive set, well worth every cent, from an Aussie to an aussie

MrTrainboy1 says:

@StuartRedman1 Get? hornby

lastswordfighter says:

Hey does anyone know if new style of EZ track will link up with the old one? I have the old black plastic EZ track system and have started purchasing the? new EZ track. My question can you link up the old EZ track with the new ones?

John Roat says:

i first learned about this at Holly Beach Trains in Wildwood N.J. I will be purchsing
EZ mate from there, watched video found simple to work thanks for
a great product John Roat ?

ChillicotheTrains says:

ouch that was painful to watch? lol

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