Bachmann Trains HO scale Mogul 2-6-0 steam locomotive

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Bachmann Trains HO scale Mogul

The Bachmann Trains HO scale Sound Value Alco Mogul 2-6-0 includes a SoundTraxx Digital Command Control (DCC) sound decoder. See and hear the Bachmann Trains Sound Value Alco 2-6-0 Mogul run along a stretch of the Model Railroader club layout, the Milwaukee, Racine & Troy. You’ll get a demonstration of some of the sound effect features of the model’s factory-installed SoundTraxx Digital Command Control (DCC) sound decoder. Find more model railroad product reviews at

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Crockett says:

I love mine, favorite too! sooner or later I hope all Bachmann engines will run this good slow and smooth! wish it had smoke!.

Allan Love Jr says:

That is one? very cute little switcher.

HOscalelocoguy says:

This is a fantastic model,? and at a great price.

Doug R. says:

I love? mine.

IntoWisOutdoors says:

Sounds very? nice!

ESE5426 says:

I could use that in my staging yard?

piktrains says:


AstroTrainboy1174 says:


SteelRailProductions says:

I like it, and Bachmann has come? a long way.

operationrepo007 says:

All my HO scale trains were made in the 70’s. They still work like new, i have a few videos? on youtube of them.

cvspad says:

I like this, but I had a problem with both of mine, they ran great for? a long time, and after a couple months, it sounds all scratchy, and yesterday, the engine just stopped working all together. I was using the regular DCC sound controller. It was my favorite engine, and I was always treading it right, and now it doesnt work. This is the SECOND time this happend! What went wrong? (My Spectrum engine? works fine though)

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