Basic DCC Demonstration – MRC Prodigy Advance

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modeltrainteen95 says:

@howarth004 which u think is better dave this controller or the nce powercab
i think that the nce is american

Marcelo Model Trains says:

@modeltrainteen95 MRC and NCE ara American Systems. NCE Powercab is very good, but your power suply is only 1,7 Amp, whereas MRC Advance has 3,5 Amp. If you choose NCE PROCAB, the power suply is 5 Amp. In this case it will be much better than the MRC.

jorasave says:

Wow is amazing!!
for this system the track is always energized?, what is need to change if I have a normal trail layout?
Thank you

Marcelo Model Trains says:

@jorasave Yes, power always on in rails. Normally just swap the controller.

Marcelo Model Trains says:

No. This is the Bachmann Class 37/5 with factory DCC sound. My Lima was sold.

trainboy1000 says:

If I get the MRC Prodigy express and want more power to the track for more trains can i just hook up my DC system and turn up the power? Thanks.

Marcelo Model Trains says:

No way! Never mix the energies DCC and DC. To run more trains with your system will need a DCC Power Booster.

supermajor1962 says:

Thats ridiculous, DC and DCC power are totally different! DC is direct current and DCC is alternating current. At best you will just short something out and at worst you may cause a fire.

trainboy1000 says:

Yea I posted that a long time ago, now I have the MRC system and I'm mostly going to use the DC pack to run atlas electric switches for my staging yard.

serviodeo says:

can this DCC automatically alternate switches for either a tear drop layout or a bone track layout?

Marcelo Model Trains says:

Yes. But need a stationay decoder for your switches.

serviodeo says:

Thank you. How many trains can this DCC control?

Marcelo Model Trains says:

Depends on the size of your layout. The power supply has 3,5 Amp.

choochoo3985 says:

Remember with MRC you can add Power Boosters and the Power Station 8 adds another 8 Amps to the process if you have a large layout in HO. The main 3.5 AMP will be isolated from the 8 AMP section, but the Prodigy System controls both so not to worry when crossing from one to another.

Nimrod says:

Great video mate thanks, seems like a very nice piece of kit!

theonemasterwarhero says:

Can this controller be plugged into the rails and ready to use?…or is it one you have to fix to a layout?

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