BN HO Scale Model Railroad Layout Train Journey

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Bret Swain says:

looking around for ideas to work with/on?

efitter7 says:

Great stuff!?

arthurhouston3 says:

Love to see overhead shot of street scene in front of station.?

JalvaroStudios gaming and Pvp says:

how do model trains go up hill?

mercenary454 . says:

whoa…..words escape me…?

Chris Savarino says:

awesome layout………?




Very Nice.?

Dennis B says:

Incredible and so realistic! ?

Warren Wimmer says:

How could anybody hit the dislike button??

Kevin Boatman says:

Awesome layout! Superb camerawork! ?

Cody Reeves says:

You must of spent a fortune ?

:o says:

Are Herpa HO scale cars good for the scenery? They seem to have better
quality than most HO cars.?

Billybob Joe says:

nice detail with the grass?

BLMAmodels says:
model railer says:

Now this was an awesome ops session. I subbed! Hope you sub back. Im
looking forward to the future videos. Later, John?

Csxfan42 says:

This doesnt look like a model railroad.. It looks like a real railroad.
Excellent Job on this.?

Duncan Campbell says:

Lol 7:27 look at the figures?

Lyn Durga says:

Only thing missing is the smoke, maybe someday that will happen. Everyone
is putting sound in their model loco’s without smoke it seems to me to be a
waste of money if you want a complete visual effect.?

Fire Strife says:

Finally another video, been waiting a long time for this… ?

CrazyBear65 says:

Excellent realism. I can see the amount of time that went into
construction. How much space does this layout take up??

Big Toys for Big Boys says:

Very Realistic!! :)?

D?rio Ara?jo says:

hi everyone ,if anyone else trying to find out model railroad track layouts
try Panlarko Amazing Railroad Planner (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard
some interesting things about it and my brother in law got excellent
results with it. ?

brad john hopwood says:

Awesome, no other word for it… obviously you’re a perfectionist so how do
you know when to say stop, enough detail already?! if I could place myself
into your shoes I’d most likely spend all day just on exhaust pipe(s) of
that green vw van @ 4.20 mark!
As for the addition of smoke a lot of people seem to think would be the
ultimate final touch, you’re a thousand times beyond my experience in
modelling, but with my limited knowledge and just going by what my older
brother tried on his model set 30+ years ago, smoke/steam never looked
right as there’s no wind, breeze, etc., if anything it made the experience
of using your imagination less so, so my two bits? no smoke…
all is perfect anyways.?

fjcaron says:

Very cool video, thanks for sharing.?

jpcreeper13 says:

So cool ?

Rarawer says:

motherfu**ing awesome Layout?

henriquesousa7 says:

This is absolutely cool!?

arthurhouston3 says:

Will create playlist on my channel for your great videos.?

Mike Fifer says:

Absolutely fabulous layout and workmanship. I loved the run and look
forward to more.
Mike Fifer?

Jacob Jones says:

That is one nice layout! The gates really surprised me when the gate itself
had the marker lights on it. You dont see that to often as far as ive seen!
Really impressive!?

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