Buckdale Rebuild – Part 2 – Yorkshire Dales Model Railway

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Buckdale Rebuild – Part 2

This week I’ve painted and detailed part of the new platform at Buckdale Station. After painting the platforms a mix of greys and applying a beige wash, I began re-adding some of the details. Benches, lamps and signs are back in place, as is the platform edging and some patient passengers.

Next up, I’ve got a new station building to scratch build as well as a set of low relief cottage and a dirt track for behind the retaining wall. I also need to re-weather the fresh ballast, and instal some 1950’s advertisements and signs on the rear wall. Not to mention the grass, dry stone walls, trees and bushes!

As always thanks for watching!


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Wheezy Palace N gauge says:

Great update, looking fab as always…

Christopher Clark says:

Hello again Lewis. Again another enjoyable video. This is looking very good and I can't wait to see the station buildings and the scenery developments. Keep up the great work.

Norman Rowe says:

Hi, it was very nice to see an update this morning. I was so worried when that one stubborn lamppost wasn't cooperating. I was glad when you surrounded it with other details, to keep it in line. Silly lamppost. Thanks for the update. See ya next time.

Anthony Dodge The Model Train Outsider says:

Excellent work. It's an amazing scene. ??

Grasshopper 1 says:

The alarm, the consternation when an unfeasibly large arm breaks through into the dales from another dimension. The relief , the crestfallen disappointment when I realise that Buckdale is the other dimension. You create such an alternative reality. Bravo.

Guy Sawell says:

Buckdale is back! And our unfortunate passenger still hasn't learnt. Standing there with his 'Del boy' case. Will he ever learn?
As usual the railway looks amazing and we all love your films. Keep up the great work!!

locowerke says:

Great work! Thanks again for being willing to share your ideas and methods, it is greatly appreciated!!

Mike Diehl says:

Hi Lewis! It looks great! As always!?

cedarcam says:

The station is looking like a station again Good idea how you painted the white line. It seemed to be done quickly Using a narrow masking tape you still have to take care not to mess up the platform top

Alex Hill says:

Those platforms are fantastic, yet so simple, cannot wait to see the next instalment.

J B says:

I was delighted to see that you're using exactly the same paint as I've used on my platforms – but yet yours looks so much better! Maybe there's something wrong with my brush….! Brilliant work, as ever

M and B Homestead says:

the station and the platform look awesome, I always learn some new trick when watching these videos, thanks for sharing.

John Carvil says:

Great update the station coming along nicely……………..John.

Stephen Smith says:

You also have a really nice track layout at Buckdale. Is it taken from a real location? It looks convincing…

Tom Petty says:

You are very unorthodox with your modelling skills, for example the way in which you secure some of the detailing in this video, but the result is always the most natural looking layout on YouTube, so down with convention and power to Mouldy Raspberry!!! You are the top man.

davestrains says:

fabulous job !!!!!!!!!!! and the award for best station rebuild goes to…………..cheers,dave

Joshua Fortescue says:

Amazing work ?

Filip 36 says:

Truly beautiful Lewis ! You have created a 'great model railway' and it's a source of inspiration for all of us enthusiast. Thanks for sharing your skills and imagination – also in editing these fine video's. Cheers, filip

Watermillfilms says:

Have you got electrofrog points? How do you stop them shorting? Solder them?

George Wyatt says:

Hi Lewis. Excellent job with the station platform, and the detail you add give it that bit extra I just love watching you video's watching you at work turning a empty space into something amazing. Well done Lewis keep up the excellent work.  Regards George…..

Terence Johnson says:

Another great build Lewis.g.???

TheTrainFanMan says:

Next project is to wire those lights!

Tom Cupples says:

Just found your channel and have spent the last two nights watching all your excellent posts. It has to be said YOU ARE THE GREATEST U TUBER AND THE BEST LAYOUT DESIGNER in my opinion. All Best wishes to you and your layout for the future. I have subscribed and look forward to future updates. Regards Tom

Galgorm Hall says:

Seems like ages since I’ve seen a video from you but I’m sure that’s just me suffering withdrawal symptoms. ? Great progress as always Lewis. Paul

Gary Lewis says:

Hi Lewis the station rebuild of Buckdale is coming along a treat the platform looking good…liked the munchkin voice when platform white lining didn't seem to start off well..!!! Look forward to the continuation o f the rebuild and sight of the new station building..???

Cranky Chris says:

Very instructive video, what are the make of paints you are using? I ask as I am getting to the stage of creating a station and platform on my layout. Although good to view the running trains for the video I would protect (remove) my stock and cover the track whilst I'm working, see the 16t mineral on its side at 5:00 min!

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