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Build A Model Train Layout | Model Railway Videos

Build A Model Train Layout

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Build A Model Train Layout At Home

This video series, hosted by Michael Gross, will teach you the simple how-to workshop techniques you need to know to take an HO scale electric train set and make it a scenic model railroad. We’ll show you how to build a 4×8 model train table (benchwork) from plywood, lay sections of track, create easy realistic scenery using foam and paint, assemble model buildings, and wire your layout with a DC power pack. When youre done, youll have a railroad that operates well and looks real. Our techniques would work in N, O, S, G, or Z scale also. This video is scene 4, Laying Track how-to. For more information and a free booklet with more tips visit greatesthobby.com. The World’s Greatest Hobby program is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the fun, relaxing, and fascinating hobby of model railroading. Primary sponsors of our series are Atlas Model Railroad Co., Bachmann Trains, Kato Precision Railroad Models, Wm. K. Walthers Inc., and Kalmbach Publishing. Co, publisher of Model Railroader and Classic Toy Trains magazines. To contact the World’s Greatest Hobby e-mail Info@GreatestHobby.com Visit our website at www.greatesthobby.com

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TheRyanCarMan says:

Not only that, it’s easier to use. I hate EZ Track.? If it isn’t aligned just right when it snaps together, it can bang into the track connectors, and damage it.

wasteom says:

Anyone have any idea ghow I? can get hold of the picture at 1:50?

legomotion836 says:

This is cool but I’ll use this 4 my floor? layout.

MusicXawsome says:

YEah, pause? the video and look at it like that, i always do that!

doedante99 says:

did teh vid? say ur dick will…

ericc4433 says:

use? screen shot on ur computer after u pause it

NurseyNancy says:

I choose NOT to use 9 in. pieces? of straight track as recommended here because it WARPS!

KingCarl77 says:

Though I own the DVD of which these segments came from, it’s? useful to see them separately on YouTube for viewing in my basement as I work. Great series, WGH!

modernwarfare26233 says:

nice? music in the background.

jabber1990 says:

how come his E-Z track is white? I had some black? and I see white on every website and most of the books I have its white.

also, is there much of a diffrence between E-Z track and cork Roadbed? what do I have to do to transition it?

nintendofanboy45 says:

the white ez track is a higher quality than the black, the black is steel aloy, the white is? nickle silver, sincerly zane

carmium says:

A young couple came into the store I worked in. “I have my 4×8 all ready” he said, “what do I do next?”
“Well, you could cut it into 12″ strips and run it around the walls. Not only do you stop going in circles, you get more mileage, and you save the middle of the room for a sewing machine, play? area, etc.”
His wife elbowed his ribs: “You paying attention to this?”
One of my causes was to lead beginners away from bulky 4x8s that quickly got boring and led to many, many hobby dropouts.

JBofBrisbane says:

– nintendofanboy45 told part of the story. E-Z Trak with nickel-silver rail & grey base (not white) is better as the steel rail (black base) will rust, and needs cleaning much? more often. Nickel-silver doesn’t rust.
I wouldn’t use E-Z Trak for a permanent layout. There are much better track systems with “ballast profile” baseplates, and there are alternatives to cork for roadbed as well.

JBofBrisbane says:

– A year ago, I know, but – HO and OO trains run on the same gauge track (16.5mm), even though they are built to slightly different? scales.
16.5mm is reasonably accurate for standard gauge in HO – in OO it’s about seven scale inches too narrow.

DetectorOCD says:

amazing. THANKS this? helps me a lot

ShaurntheSheep says:

all? you need is imagination?

xray606 says:

I learned the hard way that you should leave the glue lines straight? between the layers of foam and not closed circles. When you close the lines of glue it creates an air tight void and the other lines of glue don’t dry. I pulled some layers apart months later and the glue in between was still wet. lol Also, you need to make sure it’s a water based glue. Solvent based will react with the foam.

boeing747ba says:

im english and i have a railway system in oo dcc controlled the whole layout is cut? into pieces for transportation.

bccarl88 says:

Minus the kink on the back leg and you? have Daytona International Speedway!

MisSingStr8ngeR says:

? Ok so if u want a train yard to hold all ur trains then? maybe like 3 or 4 main lines should u use dc or dcc controls?

Synthematix says:

english trains are nicer looking american trains? all look the same

OOLiveSteam says:

The OO Live Steam Club has been offered a dismantled model railway of Kings Cross station and environs for its roadshow to demonstrate Hornby Live Steam A4 and A3 locomotives.
Please view the? video — search youtube for “OO Live Steam Club Kings Cross model project.mp4” — and tell us if you think the project is viable. Thanks.

UKJeffyB says:

I agree?

WPRR1 says:

Eh,? I like American trains better. It’s just an opinion 🙂

noah bruse says:

thank you for the series? big help

friendpark says:

I have been collecting model trains for 50? years

friendpark says:

I have? Lionel

KlausGunther says:

I plan on making this!?

Alphaboo2 says:

You don’t use homasote? It seems like you are using beginner friendly techniques. I would argue it is better for someone who wants to get into the hobby to start using cork road bed and spiking track.. If someone uses the techniques you show and decides to get into the hobby they will, so to speak, start from scracth. However if they? don’t decide to continue they haven’t spent to much and have an enjoyable layout. I see value in both approached for beginners.

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