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Building A OO Gauge Model Railway: Plasticard Brick Painting – A Heavily Weathered Alternative | Model Railway Videos

Building A OO Gauge Model Railway: Plasticard Brick Painting – A Heavily Weathered Alternative

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So, I’ve covered these sorts of videos before and in some ways this is no different. I’m using the same techniques to apply the paint to highlight the brick but in this video I show you the colours to use to create that heavily weathered look to the brick. This is perfect for those railway cuttings, bridges and tunnels where a lot of smoke stained brickwork would appear.

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Title music by ‘Longzijun’

Title artwork by ‘Charlie McGowan’

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Anthony Dodge The Model Train Outsider says:

Brilliant work! ??

clive cobbold says:

Hi paul I am not Facebook thinks mate but when I need some paint can ring Cameron and if they have it I can jump on to a train i am only 30mins way from ballymena by rail are you in a model railways club ? I am in the umrc I all enjoy your videos it is all way good to talk to other railway modeler in NI keep the good modeling up clive

skel3110 says:

Brilliant Paul, that heavy weathering is very effective. Just got the base coat on my dressed stone girder underbridge so will be following your procedure with the next 2 coats and will pop a couple of photos up on MRN Group on FB
Cheers Steve

clive cobbold says:

Hi I hope you get your club going in ballymena if you do am sure the umrc will arrange a visit with each other let's hope you managed to get going I have heard there is a small club in glengormley mate I will keep watching your videos clive

David Atkins says:

As always you make it look easy. I will be interesting to see how you blend that dirty weathered look into the surrounding scenery. David.

John Cave says:

Hi Paul, The bridge looks excellent and layout is looking great too. Another brilliant inspiring video, thanks for sharing.
Regards John.

The Scrap Line says:

Nice and dirty. Perfect!

Cottesmore says:

Excellent work. What comic did you find it in? ?

Gartsherrie Junction says:

Hi Paul. Enjoyed your lesson on painting and weathering plasticard red brick. Completed abutment is enhanced further by the skill you showed. Thanks for sharing this with us. Cheers, Mike

Holybrooke junction says:

Brilliant , looks amazing

Mouldy Raspberry says:

Looks fantastic Paul – completely brings it to life.

MrTumtum89 says:

I can’t help but feel there should be some graffiti on that bridge and you could even make it look like it’s old graffiti. Also the bridge looks great good sir!!

JNW HO Series says:

Nice work Paul!! Cheers Jason

George Wyatt says:

Hi Paul. Excellent job on the bridge abutments, that's another great how to and another job done on the layout. Well done Paul. Regards George…..

New Junction says:

Nice work Paul, good practice for other projects! ?

Leila Central says:

Hi Paul, I never get tired of watching people paint brick and your methods always give great results. Keep up the great work, Clint at Leila Central.

Alex Hill says:

That looks super Paul, thanks for sharing.

Hillside Central Railway says:

Nice job Paul, always a pleasure!

Schuylkill River Valley says:

Very nice technique Paul – and the results speak for themselves! I don't care what anyone says, that bridges has been there for many decades! Thanks for sharing. Best, John

D827 Kelly says:

Weathered effect looks good. I suspect I'll be using a similar type when I come to do buildings on the layout being worked on ATM, as it is set in the north east on a colliery (though electric rather than steam operated, but still heavy grime from all the industry in the area)

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