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General Interest | Model Railway Videos
A selection of video clips of a number of layouts seen at the 2014 York Model Railway Show. 00:00 – 01:15 BACHMANN DISPLAY 01:15 – 02:07 WIDNES VINE YARD 02:07 – 04:16 LEICESTER SOUTH 04:16 – 06:01 GALLOWGATE 06:01 – 08:19 TEMPLE FALLS 08:19 – 09:20 THE QUARRY 09:20 – 10:45 BURNHAM ON SEA 10:45 – 11:33 GRASS VALLEY 11:33 – 12:51 KILBRANDON JUNCTION 12:51 – 1:30 LEIGHTON BUZZARD 14:30 – 16:47 PORTCHULLIN 16:47 – 18:18 ALDERFORD 18:18 – 19:26 LANGLEY MODELS 19:26 – 20:30 MORETONHAMPSTEAD 20:30 – 21:01 RAILWAY STREET 21:01 – 23:10 NEW BRYFORD 23:10 – 24:14 LEE BANK 24:14 – 25:19 GUISBOROUGH 25:19 – 26:35 APPLE DORE 26:35 – 28:04 OO LIVE STEAM CLUB 28:04 – 29:25 HOSPITAL GATES 29:25 – 30:37 FOSTON MILLS 30:37 – 32:12 WARMINGTON 32:12 – 33:45 STOKE GABRIEL 33:45 – 35:18 GREYSCROFT MINE 35:18 – 36:45 MARTINI JUNCTION Recommended ReadingModel Railway VideosBristol [More]
Toy train unboxing of the M?rklin DCC Freight Train & Supermarket Starter Set Thomas & Friends Salty was clearly impressed. This train set was a $179 Aldi Australia Christmas special. This is my first experience with M?rklin trains and it’s pretty obvious this is a top shelf quality toy. The M?rklin HO train system is different to the standard used by many other model train companies. There is a third rail concealed in the roadbed with only small studs protruding through the ties of the track ‘C-Track in this set’. The two outer rails are connected electrically. This provides the simplified wiring enjoyed by larger gauges (such as for reverse loops) without seriously detracting from the realism of the track because only two of the rails are visible. Because the two outer rails are not electrically isolated from each other, however, some do not consider M?rklin’s system to be a [More]
This is the follow up to the ‘More terrain,Scenery Painting’ video. Priming,layering and applying acrylics to your model. Thanks for watching FollyModels: Painting Model Railway Tunnels Recommended ReadingModel Railway VideosThe Biggest Model Railroad Layout in HO Scale with more than 200 Model Trains made by MarklinDCC servo decoderHow To Test Your DCC Decoder With The Digitrax LT1Convert an old DC loco to DCCBeautiful Model Railroad layout in HO scale – RealRail Model Railroading 4K UHDBeautiful Model Railroad layout in HO scale 4K UHDOne of the finest award winning model railway layouts made in the United KingdomBig Boy 4-8-8-4 Rivarossi fitted with Sound and DCC decodersPIKO SmartControl and Upland TrainsIntroduction to airbrushingPainting model figures ?Painting and Cleaning Rail, Installing Feeder Wires, Ballasting the Track on the New Yard
            He may be scruffy-lookin’, but he ain’t no nerf-herder. Harrison Ford appeared on The Tonight Show in what is possibly the most low-fi interview ever. No matter how peppy Fallon gets, Ford stays stalwartly chilled out. So chilled out that Fallon busts out some of Ford’s favourite scotch Bruichladdich (10 points to Gryffindor if you can pronounce it). The two then proceed to tell jokes, and Ford’s glacial delivery is absolutely brilliant, and not just because he tells a joke about ice… gives a whole new meaning to deadpan. Conclusion: don’t we all wish we could chill with Harrison Ford. Read more: http://mashable.com/2017/09/29/harrison-ford-tells-jokes-on-fallon/ Recommended ReadingModel Railway VideosYork Model Railway Show 2014M?rklin HO Digital DCC Freight Train Starter SetPainting Model Railway Tunnels. Part 2.Blade Runner 2049 Review – An Enormous Visual Extravaganza – Leaves You GaspingIndia Starts work on Bullet Train line with 12bn Loan [More]
Ryan Gosling plays an LAPD officer heading for an encounter with Harrison Fords character Deckard in a film whose sheer scale leaves you gasping.   This is a visually staggering film,? it must be experienced on the biggest screen possible. Blade Runner 2049 is a spectacle of eerie and merciless vastness, it is at times satirical, tragic and even romantic. This is the sequel to the 1982 sci-fi classic, directed by Ridley Scott and based on Philip K Dicks novel Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?, starring Harrison Ford as a blade runner, a futureworld cop whose job is to track down and kill disobedient almost-human androids known as replicants. The 2017 follow-up simply couldn’t be any more of a triumph: a stunning enlargement and improvement. It alludes to films the first Blade Runner helped inspire, such as Camerons The Terminator, Spielbergs AI Artificial Intelligence, Nolans The Dark Knight, Andrew [More]
Gujarat to Mumbai 217mph train will cut journey time from eight hours to three and is funded with a low-interest Japanese loan. This excerpt from an article in the Guardian (see link below) gives an interesting update on the developing relationship between India and Japan:   India’s creaking, colonial-era railway system is preparing to take a giant leap forward as the Indian prime minister breaks ground on the country’s first bullet train project. Narendra Modi laid the foundation stone for the high-speed line on Thursday during a visit by his Japanese counterpart, Shinz Abe, to the western state of Gujarat. This is the new India and the flight of its dreams is endless, Modi said at the ceremony. The bullet train project will bring speed and employment. It is human-friendly and eco-friendly. The high-speed line, which the government aims to launch by the 75th anniversary of Indian independence on 15 [More]
One moron train conductor managed to spoil the working day of dozens of passengers. Passengers were standing on the platform of the Nala Sopara station which is near Mumbai, India, on Wednesday when a high speed train sped right through the station. This would typically be a quite normal thing to happen, but recently heavy rain had fallen and the station was submerged.   Instead of slowing down the speed to a crawl, the conductor of the train galloped into the station at top speed, throwing the grimy rainwater that had submerged the tracks onto the platform where passengers were waiting. Most of them standing there were not exactly expecting the express to career through the station like that. In similar vein, an Amtrak train in New Jersey smashed commuters with snow last winter after heavy fall of snow covered the tracks. We’ll take snow over unclean rainwater any time [More]