Central Pasco & Gulf Railroad Model

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Central Pasco & Gulf Railroad Model

This is a video I made of the Central Pasco & Gulf railroad model trains you can ride. It is open to the public every second Saturday of the month from 10:00 am. till 3:00 pm. For a small donation of a dollar you can ride this 8500 feet of track through the wilderness of Crewe’s Lake Park in Brooksville Florida in Pasco County. It is the largest model railroad I have ever seen. They also take reservations for birthday parties at the park which includes train rides. This is one of a kind and a must see and ride railroad.

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Millenniumforce says:

I play it? every week!!! LOL

McClain808 says:

what I model is cool ,this is beyond cool ,this is die and gone to heaven kinda stuff.Wow what? agreat hobbie and for your self what a cool video

Howard1939 says:

In Houston, Tx. there is a “Live Steam” club that not only has diesel’s, but also hand built steam locomotives which offers public rides in a Harris County Park off of US-290 in? North-west Houston..


Thanks, Alan. That was very? enjoyable.

thebritish55 says:

I’ve? been there

Millenniumforce says:

Thank you?

Centaurmanexe says:

Thats? pretty neat!

ghostguy15 says:

No? steam engine? 🙁

Millenniumforce says:

I didn’t see? one

TheTrainFanMan says:

I think we would all love to have one of those.?

Millenniumforce says:

Yes!!! The only thing I had in Trains that was big? is G Scale in my backyard 300 feet long.

USATrainsGScaleGroup says:

Oh my, that ride on train yard woulkd be like a dream come true for me. I’m drooling over all of the Rio Grande ride on trains in this video, I want them all. Are all of these hand built or is their a actual manufacturer who makes these?? I’m use to G Scale trains where? you can buy them or make them. Nice Video.

Millenniumforce says:

They are? from a manufacturer and just the engines cost over $10,000

arthurhouston3 says:

As these 7.5 inche track with railroads go 8500 feet is small. Check out other ones on You Tube. This is a very nice railraod. This is also very expensive. Big? operations in Houston Tx called HALS and many more around US.

Giandotcom1 says:

I would probably? crap my pants if I got to ride them….:D

Millenniumforce says:


Saganmac says:

dont we all want one?

Millenniumforce says:


grgriffinsfan says:

Russ? Eldred’s White Creek Railroad is huge. Check it out.

surukalo says:


chris straka says:

what a awsome video what horn is on? that train i love it

Millenniumforce says:

Actually the horn? and bell was added into the audio from a real train untill they get a real horn and bell installed

DELTA1978THETA says:

Just imagine a? K5LA on one of those model trains. That would be awesome!!

Millenniumforce says:

Yes it would be!! You never know. It may? happen…

fordlukebo says:

look at discoverlivesteam? on google

Millenniumforce says:

Thank you?

Jdur321 says:

ive driven trains this size, steam? and diesel 🙂

Millenniumforce says:

I wish I could afford to? own one

Randolph (Rainman) Bradley says:

That’s one? hell of a great ride!

Millenniumforce says:

Open to the public for a ride for a 1 dollar? donation

2005GLI says:

those are some? nice tunnel motors!

William Young says:

Whats? The Model OF The Rio Grande?

RunnAndGun94 says:

id like to be the guy in the? back just chillin haha

Millenniumforce says:

With a six? pack of beer LOL

TheKwtrucker says:

cool now as for the horn i? dont think thats actually the real horn it has right?

Millenniumforce says:

Yes you are? right. I added the sound from one of my other video’s.

TheKwtrucker says:

ah thats what i thought because really if you had an actual train horn on that that would be loud? as heck

250krawler says:

I don’t see? 30k in one.

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