DCC sounds N scale Kato Amtrak Superliner

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akr3985fan says:

I know it's been a while since you posted this but Can you write up a Parts List of what you used and put in the show more section)? is these parts still Available.!? I like the Double Track and Dual Cross Over..

Iean Smith says:

new amtrak trains

Terry Buggs says:

Is that a metro north train

Allison Holm says:

i love amtrak train set

Am Fan says:

awesome! I have that but HO, sadly I don't have DCC in it. but it's still awesome. how much was all of it together?

CSX EMD Train Lover says:

nice video of your n scale Amtrak train

Rc 4 Life says:

Where did u get the baggage car from???

Toadie04 says:

I use the HO superliner phase IVb. nice vid!

tabby faridi says:

I like your kato N scale model train that's like so realistic you make n scale train layout

Amtrak Productions says:

How much did that whole sets cost

Trainin' Man says:

Great footage! What is the DCC decoder used to get the ditch lights?

N&W Productions says:

if you cant afford a sound box buy a airhorn


I have that set it is beautiful.

upspfan says:

i like the BNSf in the backrond

NyteBeauti says:

i have a ho scale

Glen Denig says:

I like this Kato stuff… and given the state of the industry it's very reasonable product price wise. Very nice!

????? says:

Is this made by KATO?

Maria Ruiz says:

How much do they cals

WeberModelRailRoad says:

Wow.. nice run by.. thanks for sharing and keep up the great work.. Lance

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