Doncaster Model Railway Show 2012

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Muhammed says:

well, free no, you could look at Model Railroader magazine. They have a lot of great ideas for mkiang a layout. Do you have a theme? Location? Are you wanting to make a prototype of a specific area, or railroad? A lot to think about. So, good luck.

MegaTrainlover says:

Nice exhibition 🙂 Did you buy anything from? there?

BritishRailways60163 says:

Didn`t get anything? this time, but bought a Bachmann MK1 coach from last years show 🙂

Lartigue24 says:

Great video.? Some lovely layouts there!

BritishRailways60163 says:

Cheers,? certainly are! 🙂

GWR941 says:

Great video , bet it? was a good day out.

ClassA4Mallard says:

Great video of a great exhibition, well done.?

howarth004 says:

Some good displays , great show, that class? 20 sounded very good

BritishRailways60163 says:

Thanks &? it defo was 🙂

BritishRailways60163 says:

Cheers =)?

BritishRailways60163 says:

Certainly did,? great show! 🙂

dmncau says:

Great Video, seeing all those locomotives on display for sale makes you? wish you could have them all! I cannot make it to shows like that so just stick to Hattons online. lol

BritishRailways60163 says:

Cheers 🙂 & yeah there were fantastic models to see? running! Great site though Hattons, ordered countless things from there 🙂

dmncau says:

Yes, I just ordered from them for the 1st time ever a nice BR? black “Collett Goods” lets see how long it will take to arrive in Canada.

HennersJames says:

Do you know the name of the layout? at 3:36?

cycledayz says:

does anyone know when the next? exibitions are in south and west yorkshire cant believe i missied this i live like 1hr away

fluoridekid says:

Awesome!!! :D?

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