Double Head – DCC Consist the easy way.

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Double Head – DCC Consist the easy way.

Without setting confusing CV values.
In this video I demonstrate in a few very easy steps – How to consist two loco’s on a DCC controller to run as a double head unit..

Controllers used in this demonstrate
Prodigy Express DCC02
Prodigy Advanced 2

Standard Decoders used
Hattons DCR-8PIN-Harness
Hattons Originals
8-pin (harness) 4-function 1.1Amp decoder with back EMF

Prodigy Advance conforms with NMRA standards and is compatible with all other leading DCC.

All DCC Decoders must be consist compatible to perform this operation.

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Steve Smith says:

Great controller is the AP2. Still have mine and use for testing purposes. I never did run 2 locos together on either Thornley's….something I must do when Project Zero gets underway!
Steve @ Railway Laser Lines

Anthony Dodge The Model Train Outsider says:

I read below that as long as both chips have consist CV, they work together. Have you found same manufacturer chips cooperate more easily?,

Stewart Barnard says:

Evening Gary from woodfield junction, very helpful video I also have those controllers and their very reliable, and hopefully this should work for me on my class 37s so maybe some double heading running sessions on test trains.

High Oak Junction says:

Excellent Gary very informative and made clear for ones like me. I will try it tomorrow with my prodigy advance 2. Thanks again ?

David Howarth says:

Useful demo , I used dynamis and works very similar

Matthew Evans says:

Top advice as always. Great vid!

St Michael's Hill says:

Really useful video Garry! You've made it really clear! Cheers – Rich

turnout999 says:

Excellent again Garry.. Happy Xmas to you and your family.. Regards from Geoff at Maryville Junction ???

stephen ashby says:

thanks for that great explanation.

Rob D2 says:

Interesting video. I’ve had the prodigy 13 years now and it never occurred to do it the easy way. However my caution would be that all the locos need to be similar in acceleration and set up because otherwise they’ll just catch each other up or propel/ pull each other. Mine take a lot of fettling to get two that run similar

Jerry Allen says:

Timely video Garry as I want a permanent class 37 consist on the layout. Got to find out how to do it with the Z21. Thanks another great how to. Cheers Jerry

Dippertown Junction says:

Cheers Garry, there’s me thinking my prodigy was broken because it wouldn’t double head !! Jon

Melanie Rhianna says:

Bachmann uses different brands to supply their decoders. Their latest 21 pin and 8 pin decoders are ESU ones. But their 6 pin ones are Zimos. Their older 6 pin chips are Soundtrax.

Weybourne Junction says:

Hello Garry can you do this with Hornby decorders

Adam Kerr says:

Watching one of my favourite YouTube channels and a wee dram cheers Gary ??????

Brian Sims says:

Garry… thank you for your lastest video about double haeding,is it the same with my n gauge blue pullman to get them running back to back,if so thank you….brian

Nigel Carter says:

Nice and easy to understand, Garry.

WestBlythMPD says:

Excellent video Garry, that has given me some tips for a project for the future.
I hope that you and your family are well

Vintage 80s Loft Model Railway says:

Hi Cheeky – I have a lot of Hattons DCC chips and have plenty of them running in consists!

Some DCC controllers will also support a 'software consist' where locos can be teamed up without needing to be programmed. In those circumstances it doesn't matter whether the decoder supports consists or it doesn't.

In fact, that may be what the Prodigy is doing there, rather than programming CV19. (edit – actually, no – looks like those decoders are being programmed)

Mark Crocker says:

Nice explanation mate. Here in Canada it is rare to see a single locomotive so most of my locos run in a consist. we also have distributed power due to the length of trains so it is common to see mid train locos and end of train locos pushing. The Prodigy makes it all very simple. I have to make a specific list of all the consist numbers for obvious reasons. Mark

Strathpeffer Junction says:

Hey up matey. I was wondering if you've ever had any issue with the Prodigy controllers and Hornby decoders? I was told by a shop that they sometimes had issues with Hornby TTS decoders in particular? Noticed any problems at all?

Craig Quinn says:

Works the same way if you want to add top and tail locos to your trains I did the top and tail push pull consist with two locos both dcc sound decoder loksound v4 I programme both to the same address worked really well I had to do this on the Hornby select

Dan holland says:

Hi there, After you added the 2nd loco to the consist , it shows add loco again.. does this mean you can do triple heading aswell ?
Cheers, Dan

Sam Woodward says:

great info. followed your instructions worked 1st time. looking forward to some fun double heading thanks for such a simple easy to follow vidio yours sam woodward

Tom Hurst says:

– Hi, is it just loksound select/Bachmann decoders that do not do consist or all Bachmann decoders v4, v5 etc. thanks – great channel, very helpful

Chris Wilkins says:

Very informative, great little video, thank you.

jake atkinson says:

This is really lame. Everyone knows how to set up double heading, I presumed this would be about how to get different types of locos with different chips (ie totally different running characteristics) to smoothly run in multiple together without one pulling or pushing the other. Next!

Greg Hale says:

Great video Garry. Do both locomotives have to identical to each other ?.    Cheers    Greg     PS: I still buying those lotto tickets

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