Fitting a DCC decoder to a Hornby 0-6-0 Terrier

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Michael Jago says:

I use liquid electrical tape for all the insulating (just paint on) which is great for adding DCC to 0-4-0's where you need to insulate the motor.

AlanRochester57 says:

Hi Graham
I couldn't get this to work with my Terrier without fouling on the armature or worm. In the end I installed the decoder in the coal bunker in place of the small weight bringing the wires out through a screw hole. The results are very good and I have saved all of the original parts.

Albert Watson says:

Loved the video warts and all, one of the best how too,s, fitting of a chip very instructual hope you do more. when you can see how its done it is never boring Graham. thanks for doing it Albert ps I have the same loco but in n gage from pooleys puffers

Greg Pegg says:

A well explained exercise. Should encourage anyone who has not hard wired a decoder to give it a try. Well done.

John Morrow says:

Hi Graham, that was a very enjoyable and informative video, as you know I love everything you do on Lakeside but these are the kind of videos that I enjoy the most, the how to videos for me anyway are the most informative because we the viewers see everything that you do, like yourself I do not like it when someone is doing a video and they break off for awhile then come back when that particular part is complete, I like to see the success as well as the mistakes so that if I was taking on a similar project then I would know what to look out for, so well done on a very enjoyable video and I look forward to seeing the 0-6-0 on Lakeside….John

bush1149 says:

A job will done Graham . Keep up the video

John Carvil says:

Very informative, I will have a go at dc to dcc sometime in the future. Enjoyed the video, keep up the good work.

David Howarth says:

Very informative info …should prove useful to a lot ..Dave

letzterinstanz says:

Good job there, Graham. Took me back to years ago when I changed from analogue to digital and had to do this for 70% of my German engines ! How typical of Hornby to suggest removing a weight ( ! ) on any loco, let alone one of this size – the result would have been disastrous on the traction front. Thanks for sharing this piece of 'Black Artistry'…..Reinhard

Atscotty says:

How many trainers have you got with sound could you do a video on all

Including a running session


Hi Graham what type of decoder did you use, as I have a J27 that's needs to have one fitted, and they have a small body aswell. not as small as the terriers though………….regards Tony

kole soden says:

they are the same as the old dapol ones

Des Silverson says:

"For my next trick i will pour a quart into a pint pot". Well done. I thought there would have been enough space under the back end. Keep it up.

Henry Taysom says:

Thank you so much for posting this most informative, non-boring video. Great to see your integrity to maintain the original spec. Very patiently persued with the rewarding finish. I have no real fears about performing this with a Terrier of my own (free gift with earlier purchase!) Thanks again.

peter wrigglesworth says:

Cheers for sharing this again Graham as i think i missed it first time around. I agree prefer t see how to's walt's and all we all learn more from our mistakes lol anyhow i now feel able to tackle adding dcc to a few older models after seeing your video …

cheers …. Pete

Peter George says:

Hi Graham – watching this in Nov 2017 with No. 83 Earlswood sitting in front of me with body shell off and ready to start the exact same process – so many thanks for putting this up.

Philip Page says:

Very well done Graham. I have an SR Terrier and I love it. still DC here.

Charles Walsh says:

Just ran into this great video!! Thanks!

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