Fitting DCC chips to DCC ready models

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scotrail47 says:

@howarth004 Thanks I found your video quit helpful too πŸ™‚

hugh watkin says:

lol thanks for that mate, your welcome, there running nicely there, next time you want decoders if you check out ehattons you can pick 36-553
Bachmann 8 pin
for ?9.00 each or 36-552 for ?12.00 any does i bought the first lot for ?9.00 i got 2 and it was only ?2 p&p so ?20 for 2 inc p&p , was here in 3 days saves you a tenner there, thanks again

Walton Interchange says:

Now that you know how to do program locos and you pls do the video again

scotrail47 says:

@Liverpoolfcfever Sure thing

scotrail47 says:

@RABBIDmonkey1 Its at the Waverly/John Lewis end of princes street. Head down that road for about 10 minutes and you'll find it. (Type in 67 Elm row, leith walk into google maps to find exact direction)

Darren Johnson says:

hi well how do u program them to a hornby dcc box?
and how to get the sound 1 and 2 work

scotrail47 says:

I'm sorry I don't have Hornby kit so couldn't answer that question. Try posting your Q on one of the many forums, most have DCC sections

lgb4ever08 says:

isn't bad considering the chips for mine are ?180…

Kearnu Stapleton says:

How does the dynamis pick up the decoder signal ?????

Ryan Carson says:

when you put the chip on to the loco do you need to clip aything on to the track so it has power running around the track

Tiberius Wallace says:

Harburn Hobbies Woooooooooooooooo!

scotrail47 says:

Amazing, thanks. Glad it helped

Aidan Beaumont says:

what controller do you use?

Ben LaisDcc says:

Dear Friend, I want to send my dcc decoders to you for free to test and hope you can show a video of the testing on the youtube. How do you think of it?

You can choose which model do you like to be send here at our web shop.


JAZZ MAN says:

I'm just getting into model railways and was watching a video about layouts and the guy had thick insulating foam what we call polystyrene that he laid on the benches with his track on that. Then he did some working out how to accurately bend flexitrack round each end. Too complicated for me! I see you have yours on the floor in the loft. That guy had me thinking why don't you use the track that comes already curved to a set radius? It looked over complicated. What I'm trying to ask is for some reassurance that it needn't be that complicated? Yours seems to run nicely. Btw, it would have been nice to have heard some dcc sound like a whistle from your train πŸ™‚

christttrains says:

Where part 1 can be found?

Graham Hill says:

HI, Just wanted to say thank you for this video. We've had various model railways for the 30+yrs we've been married and we're thinking it's time for a change and a fresh start. DCC seemed a good idea and we were happily going along with ideas when we found out that "DCC Ready" does not mean it's got the DCC decoder in it – panic! Thankfully we found your video. Now we know how to fit the decoder and know what to watch out for when we're doing it. So thank you again for sharing your experiences, N.

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