Foam landscape for train layout

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Ocean City says:

What a great idea !

TheRealZuikaku2 says:

Well ventilated it must do.

ArabiaN61504KAA says:

I love it!
I am going to try this ASAP

streamleazefishhouse says:

Does scoring the foam make a difference? Would you get the same effect if you used a pencil? Or does the small cut help the heat soak deeper into the foam?

Sam ewyk says:

what els can i use insted of a blow torch?

what about a hot glue gun without glue?

Media Tutorial says:

Excellent video. ?

Would be great if you would check my channel and videos too.

Dan Cousineau says:

I like that . But if I use foam can I nail by track down or do I have to glue it???

tastysoysauce says:

Cool, why haven't I seen this video yet?!?!
I will definitely use this tip, Thanks for the idea!

TxJayYT says:

Please invest $8 in a tripod for your camera. PLEASE!

SMT Mainline says:

Vary Nice! However it seems a little dangerous..

lazy RRR says:

Whoa .!. i feel so stupid for never thinking of this * Thank YEW !!!

gene schulp says:

A much safer way to do this is to use a heat gun. They look like a blow dryer, however they will light a cigarette. Better temperature control, most have two or three settings.

Terry Runyon says:

Very good idea, thank you for the tip!

Sheila Kuhn says:

Super technique !  This will save my hands from cutting, sanding and grinding.  Thank you!1

Jack OESTERLE,Jr. says:

Thanks for the idea!

theandymano says:

Excellent Idea, Thank You.

Jerry Smith says:

A much safer tool to melt the foam is a heat gun such as used to remove paint. No flame involved and posssibly produces fewer toxic fumes. The fumes aren't an incidental issue! This video should certainly put to rest the alarming comments often heard about fire danger when using foam for layout construction.

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