A Drivers Eye View of The Bekonscot Model Railway

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Here’s a fantastic Garden railway layout : It’s a 10 scale mile product backyard railway of 1 scale, inside of a 1/12 scale miniature village. The road was began circa 1929 and has been up-to-date continually for 80 a long time. We strapped a digital camera on the front of one on the engines and sent it off – we have additional some subtitles this means you can see what you might be passing. Product railways rock. The massive product railway has progressed considering the fact that these early decades, from Bassett-Lowke LNER and GWR outline stock by means of to modern day image British Rail – when at a single time, class 47, class 37, Hymek, western class 53, intercity 125 and in some cases DMU stock ran. During the early 1990s, fascination while in the railway’s heritage regained, and it absolutely was decided to revert into a timeless 1930s physical appearance. Therefore you’ll now see classic GWR railmotors, EMU, GWR 94xx tank locos, LMS Jinty, SR Q Class and many much more freelance locos about the route. The full method is controlled by pc, interlocked with many relays for factors and sign operation. Note that the signals are lacking on this video clip, because they are at present all currently being refurbished. The elaborate trackwork about Maryloo station is controlled by a Westinghouse lever frame in the signal box (exactly where this video clip commences and ends) if the signalman really wants to intervene. This prepare was preset to run non-stop – but of course should you wish …Garden railway layouts

More info at Become a fan of us on Facebook! www.facebook.com and www.bekonscot.co.uk The Gauge 1 model railway at Bekonscot Model Village, Bucks. Filmed, copyright and edited by Tim Dunn. bek@timdunn.com



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Dick says:

Hi, I have found that a number of arircaft are available in hobby stores in 1:200 scale which is fairly close to N-scale. I had a nicely detailed DC-3 flying over my transition layout and it looked good. Al

trainyjack says:

Thanks and you americans are traction geniuses (If you are? :3)

awfulguitarplucker says:

oh no,..im not American, im from? Italy…but if i soudned like i was,it means that or either i am good enough at English (well..at least at American English) or im a goofball and i didnt knew that x3

btw…yes..i agree anyway that USA diesel-hauled engines are superb in tr own way

trainyjack says:

With italy, there are some great “Emu’s” as we call them in? britan

akwesi100 says:

Wow I felt as if? I was on a real train ride, Excellent video.

awfulguitarplucker says:

oh yes! i was arguing right yesterday about the fact in the town i live in currently (Italy) EMU’s are? not seriously approached and developped as in Britain..even tho,as you noticed,there are some good examples of diesel-hauling engines here (D445 from FIAT/Isotta ALn668 D341..etc)

timpovikings says:


Isn’t it a magical paradox, that the sheer intrigue and wonder of model railways, is wishing you were an inch tall and yet knowing if you were, it would just become a reflection of reality.

Like nostalgia itself, the? magic is in the knowing that you can’t do what your heart aches for, and has to settle instead, for the vicarious mechanics of a little video camera.

Brilliant. What a joyous asset for any community.

Geronimo2705 says:

Really can’t describe just how? much I enjoyed that. Thank you.

JollyRodders says:

Fantastic video. Brought back memories of the 1970s when I used? to go here with a friend. It meant two bus rides and a mile walk from the old Saracens Head pub. Great to see the children react when they see the trains coming hasn’t changed…and probably never will 🙂

Ashley Ward says:

That is massive? and a good one too 🙂

blobs2blobs says:

Brilliant video, and what a superb railway. You must have the? time of your life with this layout. Really enjoyed watching, thank’s.

aschliov says:

fantastic this has made me go out and buy a 10 x 8 shed for? a layout ebay here i come 😛 00 gauge for the win

Alexeyw27 says:

This is my whole mid-childhood in a nutshell! I’ve lost count if the times i’ve been.?

smitbar11 says:


fireydraco says:

Damn right. ?

Aizoon says:

Marvellous stuff! Must? visit some time…

ryan O'Conner says:


Wargibbon says:

Awesome, so well? done, very impressed. Humble suggestion, can you get the strimmer out, to sort out some of your plants that brush up against the trains 🙂

GMSamuelRhine says:

why? such a weird domain?

MachetePanda says:

Amazing! Fantastic? job.

cktherocket says:

where’d the? mainline go????

neilb229 says:

Absolutely amazing!!?

trainroomgary says:

Very well? done.

aceofepiceness125 says:

i,ve been? to bekonscot before and it,s amazing!!!

fluoridekid says:

Absolutely fantastic!!!? I want one in my garden, but it’s not big enough by far. The work that’s gone into the building and upkeep of this awesome railway has to be congratulated to those concerned. I salute you… 😀

simpleplanrok says:

it is a great layout! Wonder what they would do if? a train derailed in the middle of that long tunnel?

thegribben02 says:

Great, I wonder How They Do It!?

DenverOScaleClub says:

Love the? video Bekonscot! We love your railway!

Baureihe1031 says:



Bob290547 says:

Superb railway and video. We’d all like one of? these wouldn’t we. A lot of hard work has gone into building this and the effort has been well worthwhile.

TheWelshMarches says:

Lovely trains and buildings however those screaming kids who were jumping up and down were? a bit to over scaled for gauge one…

Max Ford says:

Amazing couple of quick questions
1. How much did it cost to make this
2. What train were? we in

Richard K? says:

oh my god! My mouth just falling down! It?s incredible I love? it 🙂

citytransportinfo says:

OMG giant people walking about everywhere!!!

btw, I wish all trains? offered forward views like this.

Since you wish to model the 1930’s have you thought of including a Metropolitan Railway train, such as went to Amersham & Aylesbury complete with Pullman refreshment carriage?

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