Greatest Private Model Railroad H.O. Train Layout Ever?

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bengt4u says:

Absolutely fantastic!! Do you use any computer power to administrate the
train movements?
I am very interested in model trains but I doubt that I have the patience
to build even a smaller railrode.?

Tyler H says:

Impressive layout. Its a shame that the camera work is so terrible.?

icemanroyal says:

very cool layout! i wish i had the space, time and money to be able to do
something like this!?

Dennis Miller says:

thanks for sharing your life’s work with us.?

Chris Densten says:

what asshole could dislike this video?

Kevin S says:

one word….”wow”?

Tortoise010 says:

Thats nice, where do you buy all the pieces from, to build one of these??

ryan kelley says:

The cars are 1:64. Only perfectionists care for that which I am one.
Besides the cars the model looks good. HO scale cars are expensive. With a
layout that size it would cost a fortune to put cars on it. My question is.
what happens when you move? Allways build layouts in sections that can be
revoved. That way you dont have to cut it all up. I see so many permantly
installed layouts. Fact is thats alot of money to spend and have to chop

Pete Zurkowski says:

level of detail missing? How about the power lines? Its very nice, thats
for sure, but I had powerlines going from pole to pole on my set, just
thought I would mention.?

Lance Weber says:

Great job !! Thanks for sharing. .?

Chester Wolf says:

all i can say is WOW that’s so epic?

DroehnIng says:

Well, there is a great amount of detail. Yet a lot of buildings look
sitting on but not in the terrain, cars are placed in rediculous locations,
some rocks show a net texture….
as it stands it’s certenly impressive but just by following this walkaround
i spotted so many things that need to be touched in the next 30 years.?

toly dukhovny says:

amazing effort!
thank you for the video.

ponkkaa says:

Incredible. You should put a caamera on the nose of a locomotive and drive
it through the whole layout?

BrooklynPerson30000 says:

I agree with bohemianh. This is awfully cluttered and overdone in every
regard. As for detail; I can appreciate the attempt at a “lived-in”
quality, but it massively lacks critical finesse. For example, the dirty
things are TOO dirty, and the scapes (city AND nature) are awfully plain.
The focus should be on the beauty of individual objects, and this can’t be
compensated for by adding more objects. QUANTITY DOES NOT MEAN DETAIL! If
the approach to this presentation weren’t so braggardly, I would say

Karel From Holland says:

This lay-out is an adventure. My lay-out is as big as an office table ;o)?

msterpister2 says:

can I have it? Lol ?

trainroomgary says:

Hi Lou ? John has a first class layout & I agree a layout is never
finished. With is skills he will always have a project. Thanks for doing
this detailed tour.?

apples2095 says:

This layout is really loaded with detail!?

Alex Dubchak says:

natural disaster LOL?

BB Tims says:

Bohemianh,For you to make a comment Like that is so rude,but If I was you I
would spend time in a libary looking up names because with a name like
BOHEMIANH your really not one to talk about other peoples work, again you
are so rude,P.S. lets see your lay out?

Cody Ross says:

Wow you must have put a lot of effort into this layout! This is amazing bc
I have never seen anything like this. I have never seen something as big as
this and in a basement. If you would like to check out the biggest model
railway ever, check out Miniture Wonderland in Hamburg, Germany. It is very
good and has a working airport. Check it out on YouTube!

Stoneyburke says:

mine was on 2- 4×8 sheets can`t imagine this large.?

Wylye_guy says:

One of the more attractive features of the American Dream is that people
have these large basements to do this sort of thing in!?

bohemianh says:

you need to spend a afternoon on youtube and see more layouts if you think
this is the greatest in the world? I’m sure he is a nice guy. However
this is not even close.?

carmium says:

I would never begrudge anyone a hobby they have enjoyed for decades, but to
be honest, this is neither exceptionally large nor very well done. Check
out some of the Kalmbach “Great Model Railroads” videos to see what some of
the really talented among model railroaders have done.?

Solomon Parker says:

Great layout. Mispronounced “Oregon.”?

Drobcio says:

First model H0 I’ve got before I born 33 years ago,and some day I will
start build mine:-)
Good job!!!?

Erwin K?nig says:

No detail missing 10sec’s into it an I notice the power lines are missing
WHATS UP with that?

Sam Gade says:

This is so Cool!! I collect HO Trains Too. John has inspired me to
construct something like this when I get my own house :)?

Scott Malcolm says:

I enjoyed the layout, shame about the trolls and those that don’t know the
difference between a question and a statement. The owner is having fun and
if he is happy with it that is all that matters. Good on him I say!!! ?

Aldrick GMC says:

do you think this rail road display will be opened to the public??

South Florida Railfan says:

Yeah, that’s very impressive!?

TommyZTrains says:

I don’t agree at all (the below comment) *I THINK your work is absol.
spectacular John ! “GREAT AND BEAUTIFUL Work” !?

PantherP74 says:

At 6:42, I have that blue LTD state police car! Haha. Consider me
impressed, John. Keep up the super-impressive work!?

Gerard Goos says:

Beautifull! ?

Chris Taylor says:

This is incredible, bravo, beautiful work!?

suzuki750stu says:

Great video, Cheers Stu @ Lime Junction (N Gauge)?

primativemodelling says:

Absolutely stunning…and what nice guy….UK says Hi : )?

Ricardo Kutz says:

You know, I think it’s a toss up as to whether this is really a model
railroad, or a die-cast toy collection disguised as a model railroad !! ?

6109river says:

there aren’t enough American Flags on the layout, one could get confused
which country it is from (lol) very nice and alot of work has gone into it.
thanks for sharing?

Bernhardt Heckendorn says:

Now before anyone goes mental here, while it IS a life-long creation as we
can all see, I would have to disagree that it’s the GREATEST HO layout
ever? Again, I’m not knocking it because you can see the man has put a
great deal of dedication & love of the hobby into the layout but, if you
want to see the greatest layouts ever, check out the layout by Vic Smith
who calls his layout “City Edge”. Or, check out the layout MA&G RR by
Cliff Powers. It’s a coin toss as to which of those two are the GREATEST
HO layouts out there today! This one is cool, but far from the greatest,
sorry. Please understand I’m not being mean or negative at all, just my
opinion on this particular layout.?

RustEZZEProductions says:

Cool but all the automobiles are way oversized?

Scott Connors says:

A true labor of love, great job!?


That look very interest! Good job! Here you can see a Model Railraod in a
german museum: Modelleisenbahn im DB Museum in Koblenz?

Jaw Tooth says:

Could you imagine how much fun it would be to play with that setup by
yourself?! I would run trains on every track and make a long train with 4
engines and 35 cars, etc?

elr2141979 says:

with a layout this big why would you leave it DC only why not upgrade to

Frederick Dunn says:

Silly question… how do you keep it dusted? lots of work… ?

AJ Good says:

that dude is nice as hell, and you can tell he loves his layout…i
personally dont see it as one of the best, due to how unrealistic it is,
but he loves it and thats all that matters. ?

ay76 says:

That’s one heck of a layout. Wish i had that kind of space, lol. Many
thanks for sharing.?

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