HO Scale DCC Train Layout Run-bys Vol. 1

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In this video, we get a close look at all 8 of the locomotives from our HO Scale Weathering & Detailing DVD series in action!

All 8 locomotives are equipped with LokSound Select DCC decoders. The run-bys were recorded at the Santa Clara Caltrain station on the South Bay Historical Railroad Society (SBHRS) HO scale railroad layout. www.sbhrs.org

Additional information on the BN caboose can be found here:


You can see how Dan used a variety of techniques to make these models look much more realistic than they did when they came out of the box on the DVDs. Look for them at www.tsgmultimedia.com

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Pilot Playz says:

I want that

Australican says:

The Southern Pacific Engines are as dirty as their full-sized counterparts, haha….

McCarroll Craft says:

goes so slow

Brad Brazil says:

Puke green?

Dahsil67 says:

How do you get multiple locomotives do you want together in tandem?

Nra.Morris G says:

2304 is to clean, No ones been on them steps in a long time.
Boss will get mad no one is working hard, The clean steps gives it away.

Nra.Morris G says:

You did a great job with your freight train making the rusty look, and what you did was perfect you mix match certain cars. Just like the real freight train came down track I say that a lot when I see people that don't do that everything matches to much. Great job everything looks great.

Kunal Changoiwala says:

the intro looks sooo authentic n real..

BigWheelHawaii says:

"Is It Live,,, Or Is It,,, Memorex" ??? So Realistic,,, Unbelievable,,,, Simply Unbelievable,,,

WeberModelRailRoad says:

Wow…jaw dropping… thanks for sharing and keep up the great work… Lance

gunny/ USMC says:

One fine layout my compliments sir and thank you

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