How to build a model train layout from start to finish Part 1

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Alex Nameseh says:

i love? you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bryan mcCauley says:

um? FYI unless it has changed recently for the last some odd years the code of the track was the actual measurment of the rail height from the base to the rail head. code 100 is .100 of an inch code 83 is 83 thousanths .083 it has nothing to do with scale.

jlwii2000 says:

everything has to do with scale, if it’s larger on the model railroad it’s larger in real life thus the scale is off. code 100 scaled up to real life would be too tall to be realistic. You are probably right about rail height from base, but in real life rail is one height from base and that is best modeled with code? 83. Thanks for the comment!

benfrost123 says:


dantefiq says: many? talk

arthurhouston3 says:

Please do not waste? money on foam large waste of money. Put cork on ply wood.

BadgerLover1000 says:

What? are the dimensions of your table?

jlwii2000 says:

Well it’s? a bunch of tables together so total they are 6.5 ft by 22 ft

xXLoneDroneXx1 says:

Can’t you make DC into DCC trains? with chips?

jlwii2000 says:

yep,? with some work

xXLoneDroneXx1 says:

How would you go about? doing that?

gemini101ify says:

hey man im? thinking about starting one eccept its really expensive isnt it?

Matthew Sanders says:

I cheat by buying? on ebay, how much do you want to invest?

Matthew Sanders says:

Im sorry, bachmann tracks been crap to me, definetely? their turnouts.

Larry Studer says:

You made the right call on the foam, but here’s another beef– the original stuff had silver foil skin? on it, vapor barrier probably. Useless from a carving point of view

StarlightFestival123 says:

Is? it OO?

Hancockified says:

Depends if it’s DCC ready or not. If not, some soldering skill is required. All you have to do is isolate the motor from the pickups (by cutting any wires, if it’s a split diecast? chassis, tad more complex), connect the red & black wires to the pickups & the orange & grey wires onto the motor. There should be a sheet that comes with the decoder telling you which wires go where

Jjgould21 says:

i wish you could Make more how to build a layout videos I wish you could expand onto your layout and make a main line that goes all the way around your? basement

Alfred LWestbrook says:

Thanks so much i got your blueprint from start until finish
anyone want to try it? her bit. ly/Wa9hUa

Garrett Latsha says:

you have awsome? vids what are the measurements of your layout

Shoonkra says:

i am new to this what is dc n? dcc

MrMjg1963 says:

thanks? for the tips ,like how you explain everything great job.

jesterd14 says:

I’m building an HO scale layout, after switching from N scale. I had one when I was a kid, and my dad built it on Homasote? board, which is really like a thick cardboard that is used as a sound barrier in recording studios. The advantage of using Homasote vs. plywood is that you can push a track spike through it with pliers, it takes paint very well it is a grey color, and it is easy to drill and cut even with hand tools. And it is very lightweight. And it does not break, though it will sag

Jonathan Hill says:

Thanks for? the video. I will be starting a new layout and your tips and lessons learned are really going to help!

Calvin Wendlandt says:

I would like to purchase a DVD with all these building deries? on it. So how can I do that?
I do not want it streamed thru the internet, I want a hard copy.
Some one let me know.

AlaskenRaptor says:

hey jiwill2000 cool videos. did you ever think about useing floting fiberglass Ceiling Panels even know your layout is finish. cause for me on my layout i use Ceiling Panels and it? work awesome. it thin flexable and easy to cut. and the e-z track lay smooth on it.

Brian Warnick says:

In the Uk code? 100 is the most common and mostly used on HO/OO gauge


Thanks a bunch. I’m brand new and used my Xmas bonus to buy a bunch of HO stuff, Track, Locomotives, Cars, etx etx 🙂 This video is ahead of my layout 🙂 Gives me a great idea of what I need to do. Thanks and I look? forward to all the other vids.

trainknut says:

5:12 or code 55? in n-scale

Detoritrockcity31 says:

What? are the advantages of an indoor layout vs an outdoor layout ?

Royce Marcotte says:

My wife and I have been wanting a train layout. We want HO and DCC trains and have about 5ft x 10 feet to work with. Your video was one of the few that showed the entire layout at the same time, so this gave us a good idea of what kind of space to use. I watched all your start to finsih videos and didn’t realize how involved it can be. Anyway not sure when we will start but? just wanted to thank you for all the time and effort you put into the videos…good job…

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