How to Convert a DC lococomotive to DCC Made Easy

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DCC Conversion tips

Some people dread doing this, but its really very easy. Sit back and watch this video on how you can convert your engines from DC to DCC.


‘…….Hornby Ringfield motor is to test that the brush strips are insulated from the wheels and metal chassis of the motor once the original wires are removed. This may not be needed on a Lima Ringfield model but it is absolutely essential on a Hornby ringfield loco. Failure to test these brush strips will result in immediate decoder failure if there is a connection.
Additionally placing a newly DCCed loco onto the main DCC rails and there is a wiring fault will result in instant decoder failure.. You should always try and use a Programming track which has a limited current output……. ‘ quoted from Flashbang on (and an added thank you!)

Also thanks BromsMods for pointing out you can get hold of hardwire DCC decoders without the pins on the end

Also a thank you to GWR_fan for your info too, its all helps with how to convert a dc locomotive.


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BurtonOnHumber says:

Good tutorial, I must get around to converting a couple of mine at some point. – Sim

BurtonOnHumber says:

Good tutorial. I must get around to converting a couple of mine at some point… – Sim

Laurence1133 says:

Excellent video guys. I have a number of Lima loco's which I've dreaded converting given the difference in wiring between them and older Hornby stock.

grec1904 says:

Could you clarify what happens with the wires you have cut? Do I just remove them or do they need to join up somewhere too? It seems that they just disappear

Denis Cahill says:

Thanks very much for the excellent how to vid. If I may I have one small concern in that can you get some more light on the subject as it is already black it does help in what you are trying to show? Denis

ian heaver says:

Very helpful and informative. Many thanks for posting!

john wick says:

when will the follow up video be out as that was so helpful. be interesting to see you doing the lights and sound extra

Zane's Trains N Things says:

I love British trains I just wish I had some.

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