How To Determine Locomotive Brand and Related DCC Questions

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AS Aviation says:

Nice video Mike! Long time no comment! My Metra f40ph and three metra cars are still good! Btw this is Amtrak5859

John Tanzillo says:

Good explanation & answers.

David Durbin says:

Great video Mike! Thanks for sharing with us!

bnsf6951 says:

hi Mike… great info … thanks for sharing… vinny

Longshadows Model Tree's says:

I will agree with you Mike, I will buy dummy loco with a DCC frame at a show and rebuild them to work, at little cost.

wendell camp says:

Mike could you add a sound decoder and speaker to the dummy and add extra  engines to the train Thanks NHN1759 Wendell

Mike Courtney says:

Great advise Mike regarding purchasing older locos!

texhorse says:

Hi Mike, good job on this video.  I've got a new idea for you…..and a challenge.  How about making a video of hardwiring a non DCC ready loco?  I've got an old Kato SD40 which is not DCC ready, and so far I have burned three Digitrax DZ126 decoders in it.  Have you ever had a go at one of these?

jeff lizotte says:


Skip Duld says:

very good answers and things iv thought about

Ruben Villanueva says:

Answered a question I had, right off the bat! Gracias, I am new to the hobby, and certainly appreciate your expertise.

Doug Dilley says:

Good info Mike. Thanks for sharing.

Sandra J. Syx-Spears says:

concor made PA A-B dummy locos ive also seen F unit dummies

Sandra J. Syx-Spears says:

also dummies can be used to make sound cars especialy usefull on lil N scale lash ups

Dave Blaedow says:

if I have a locomotive with Dcc in it can I installed sound in it..

jeff lizotte says:

thank you Mike for helping us and suppling great prices and service with your and Robins Hobby shop

Jack Bogan says:

Hey Mike, can flex track with Kato track without any problems? Thanks Jack

Edwin Kowalinski says:

Mike, I have a IHC CORKEYS CARNIVAL CARAVAN locomotive made in Slovenia. Can it be converted to DCC?

J.M.H.S says:

Hi mike what is your opinion on mrc sound decoders for the kato n sd 40-2

Dale Saylor says:

Mike, I bought an old layout that has Digitrax. But I like NCE much more. How can I make the right changes to switch to NCE?

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