How to – Episode 17 – Loco Repaint

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thetrueterrier says:

How do you strip the paint off the loco?

Paul McElroy says:

Hi Richard – I bought a 1947 Hornby Dublo 0-6-2 tank in pretty poor shape paint wise, the original colour was olive green. can you advise me if Phoenix do a match for this colour?
Kindest regards
ps. Thoroughly enjoy watching all your vids.

steven rowe says:

What pressure do you use through the brush.

colblimp says:

Wow, great job! I wouldn't have the patience or skill to do that!

Sophie Hempsall says:

What's a loco data panel?

Gonads1259 says:

Hi, might be a daft question but when you say you mix paint in the airbrush bowl, do you mean just pour into the bowl or give it a slight stir to mix paint and thinner? What do you use to measure 50/50, just eyeball it? Thanks.

Minok1217 says:

Great tutorial. Early on showing your gear we see the compressor and the air dryer is horizontal. Isn't it supposed to be vertical ? Or does that it matter ?

Luke Knights says:

Quick question: How did you see to paint the white over the white primer?

Sohail Anjum says:

It's beautiful I love it

Sohail Anjum says:

I need this model sir you have shop adress

Kev Pugh says:

Excellent how to video. I will be giving it a try on some of my recently acquired rolling stock

Jan de Jager says:

Highly interesting to watch but just as I will never climb into a 50 metre high crane-tower I wouldn't even dare to think about this !
Question : HOW do you mix to finally get the correct colors of blue, red, grey and so on ?
As there are hundreds colors of blue and other colors possible

Paul Thompson’s model railway says:

Hi Richard , what kadee couplings do you use on your class 31,50 and your mk2 bachmann coaches

Cheers. Paul

Edward Rose says:

Great video.
I have some Superstrip, and it mentions degreasing after use, this stuff costs £15 all-in.

What do you do to the model once you've stripped it, before applying the first layer of paint?

G H says:

Is the HMG Paints thinners supplied for use with Railmatch paints also okay to use with Phoenix paints. I know that some enamel paints don't work with certain enamel thinners, as I found out when trying to use Humbrol thinner with Revell paint.

Juan Antonio González Castro says:

I have to say that I am delighted to have "discovered" this channel. It is a joy to watch these videos. Thanks for sharing.

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