How to Make Realistic Scenery for Model Train Layouts & Dioramas

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John Brown says:

Great DIY video!

?????? ?????????? says:


ItsKeeton says:

10:12 Grove street for life.

Vampy Keyboard says:

cool I have a 0 gauge layout alex

Brian K. says:

As a newbie modeler not looking forward to chicken wire and plaster, this video was a godsend. Now well on my way using your foam and batting scenery techniques on my railroad. Thank you!

Toasty Burgerz says:

I can't get over how much he sounds like the guy from the FitnessGram Pacer Test audio

Romeo Meier says:

but that sprinkeled stuff is loose isn't it better if it is all glued?

Randy says:

How do you do your roads implying you did the batting in flat areas also.

M Talha says:

how much completely kits I like your videos very lovely videos

M Talha says:

how much completely kits I like your videos very lovely videos

Minok1217 says:

Very cool though the thought I had as I watched you put it all down was "when is he going to glue that material in place?" With each additional layer step the damage from bimonthly by the layout and ensuing landslide of scenic layers goes up. Slow and steady I suppose but for is klutzes I'd say scenic cement or bottom glue as you go along.
Finally I'd defiantly spray bottle coat with scenic cement or some sort of sealer unless you thin lol you'll never have to clean your layout. Otherwise when you come in to dust and vacuum once a year you'll end up pulling up a lot of the scenery unintentionally.

Adam Luzier says:

How do you keep all the loose material from coming off thru vibration or just air moving over the whole display?

Van Dougan says:

Did you let ur paint dry first or just sprinkle your different types of grass and just let it dry that way?

Rogin Mangsat says:

Incredible scenery.. But what is the material used in background? ( color brown) before the spoon came??

Blame USA says:

what do you think about static grass?

DrTeddyMMM says:

It's funny how you say not to do something but then go ahead and do what you say not to do…….sheesh…

jim gaffney says:

looks great


Intro music?

RIP Jeff Hanneman 1964-2013 says:

I used this method to hide a body.

jean-pierre PODIK says:

Hello! thanks for your video, a very job and realistic landscap. Greeting from northern France.

Vincent Van Bro says:

Is there a way to set that initial few layers of dirt and grass texture ? I feel like one good sneeze would send it all flying

Xavier Horace says:

How do you get your layers of your turf to stay intact on your hill besides the very first turf you used from the beginning?

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