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Hard Style says:

holy crap that's dope

Gadblatz says:

Yeah but did he check to make sure there weren't any tiny cars inside first?

KRES 1 says:

Well done !!!

Darvin Lafarga says:

Came from fingerboards btw this is sick asf

Shot says:

It’s me diecastyt yo

Gaming with Power says:

What are those markers

Trains ‘N Sirens says:

What did you use to cut it out

Seamo One says:

Doin' a big O Holy Roller! Nice!
Do you ever weather them first?

Joshua Ivery says:

This is amazing man even tho I don't do Graffiti and don't have spray paint can but this absolutely amazing now we can paint toy autorack train

Joshua Ivery says:

What type of brush is that?

Nipha Ahtlantashah says:

lol, stencils are not graff. yall need to stop dickriding with this nonsense.

Bean says:

i didn't want to see YOUR name – i got that – i was looking for the random stuff in real life

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