How To Paint Model Railroad Backdrops with Rob Spangler

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How To Paint Model Railroad Backdrops: We look at the high art of painting model railroad backdrops with Rob Spangler who has painted many of the backdrops we have seen on the channel. A how to of Rob’s technique as he paints a backdrop for the 1/20.3 scale railroad at Garagemahall.
Rob shows the ins and outs of painting with acrylics, both artists acrylics and acrylic latex house paint. All while coning Rob to paint the backdrop for the switching yard on the Utah and Colorado narrow gauge railroad we are building there.
This is part one of a series of shows which will next feature a trip to Steve Striebel’s On3 – On30 railroad where he will be painting the backdrop for his new Village of Knowhere on the On30 line. Back to Rob to finish up with this backdrop, and a visit by Gil Bennett showing his take on the subject.
The railroad is mostly the Denver and Rio Grande Western, but also sort of generic western narrow gauge. Garagemahall will also feature a On3 and On30 railroad above the switching yard known as the “accidental railroad”.
A 1/20.3 logging line is also planned, and about 8 feet of track has been laid for that line.
In this firs part Rob explains the how to of working with acrylic paint, working from dark to light, pulling out details.
Also how to on working with color changing RGB LED strip lights and which double stick tapes work best for mounting LED strip lights and paper coving.

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Aaron Peavler/Geomodelrailroader Railroad Photography says:

looks good Toyman

Steven Notz says:

Hello Dale and Karen; Are you using a stiple effect on your clouds or are you air brushing them or even sponge effect?
They look really nice and blend very nice with the sky GREAT WORK as always with the show!
Thank You for your time,

Kevin Romas says:

Very cool my talents lie elsewhere

Anthony Shepard says:

Can't wait to see the finished product and would like to visit also. OUTSTANDING work as usual. ?????????

Randall Hawkinson says:

Great suggestion regarding the double side sticky tape on the shelf brackets! I wasn't going to paint any backdrops at my three staging yards (where the shelf brackets hold up to upper "yard" for the lumber and mining branch); but, now I have the inspiration to "do it right" so that the operator stuck back there has something to look at besides teraplywoodsville. I'm still painting new backdrops at the Monterey & Salinas Valley RR Museum. Rob and I have the same technique! The rest of the "club" love the new look!

Cassandra says:

I just discovered your channel and I'm hooked. I love your videos!

Darth Plagueis says:

Will there be a layout tour? Cant wait to see the finished project. I can tell where your Sundays are going to be spent once this exquisite piece is completed! And How much of Garagemahall will be used for your layout?

Paul Bislin says:

Very interesting! That's really great. I'm just considering if I should paint the backdrop for my layout instead of using pictures.

Madhu Gubby Nagaraju says:

That's your layout? Lovely!!! I'll explore your channel more on your layout vidoes, if any.

Peter CPRail8748 says:

Finally another video of your layout coming along. That backdrop sure will look fantastic when it's all said and done.

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