How to quickly ballast model train track

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Brian Seaman says:

Ah ha, I understand, thank you for the response.

Fat Chungus says:

medium ballast is too big. Fine is the way to go! either way, I love your track work man

Mikes Carburetor says:

Great tips. Thanks.

Roarke's carnivorous plants says:

My own opinion is that you complicate things this way. Just mix water with white glue and put it in the spray bottle with a watery mix and spray away.

David Curtis says:

Why didn't you replace the cut out ties before ballasting?????? As for the question about ballasting to close to the turnouts – well I cutthe slots for the controls with one of the mult- tools and they cut a slot and I can cut all of the roadbed away from undr the slider and you can not see the slot. Much better than a whole that can be on center – or not. Then just be real careful and you can ballast all under the switches without any problems.

David Curtis says:

I cut a card to the desired shape of between the tracks and then just run it on the top of the rails and this forms the gutter and is sooooooooooooo easy.

David Curtis says:

Boy that glue is thick. Thin it down and it will look better.

THE Hungry chicken 835 says:

Wouldn't it rust

THE Hungry chicken 835 says:

Please reply

??????? ???????? says:

? ?????? ????? ? ????? ????????

Alex says:

Wow ! your glue looks really thick. you should water the PVA glue down and add a few drops of washing up liquid ( this will break the surface tension and the watered down glue will soak straight in) you can apply this with a small paintbrush or a small syringe : that in any event how i used to do it.
In answer to how to clean the glue off the track : the aim is to apply the glue to the ballast only and keep it off the track as much as possible .

Satandy says:

really bad – looks awful. For advice on ballasting I'd watch a few YouTube vids rather than show people your mistakes.

morris lester says:

thanks for the vidoe

Rail Transport Vlogs NSW says:

Your railway is awesome! Thanks for the tips!

Pierre Klee says:

Want a quick ballast? Buy Fleischmann track.

P Mace says:

You should replace missing sleepers for a better look.

CSX2586 Rail Rider Raby says:

That is way to much glue mix water glue and alcohol together it does the same thing and you don't have to soak your tracks all I do is about 50-50 water and glue and about 25% alcohol works great and you don't have to soak everything like you did

GTA5 MODS says:

the glue looks like cum

Ethan Stephenson says:

2:22 why is there a track that has a big open space but its got jointers with them but there isnt any track ties beneath it? it is the track on his right while he is brushing the gravel in

Pong Ignacia says:

nice video presentation! by the way, how do you clean the tracks once the glue dried up? and how do you ballast the turn outs? thanks-pong from the philippines

Robert Schworm says:

Wet down with water and a drop or two of dish soap to break the surface tension. Then 50.50 of water and glue. The glue mixture should rapidly disappear down thru the ballast and not lay on top at all. Your glue is showing too much surface tension.

paul hunter says:

are you using the foam underlay there dude. this looks great btw im learning from you

Romeo Jimenez says:

Way wrong, it was painful to watch ? I did my whole layout in two hours. All you need is 50/50 glue and water mixed, second-dish liquid soap mixed with water in a spray bottle and a 1” paint brush. Lay ballast on top of track and spread with 1” brush to your liking, then spray water mix with soap and soak ballast and then add the 50/50 glue mix. Let dry over night then buff off the dry glue off the top or rail and enjoy.

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