Huge O-scale 22'x51' Model Railroad Layout with Americana theme

Share it with your friends Like presents . . . The ultimate family home entertainment center. Conceived to be a representation of classic Americana, spanning the United States from coast to coast, this layout has something for everyone!

Super-detailed buildings loaded with interiors are everywhere to be seen. Machine shops, lumber yards, even the air traffic control tower are lavished with tiny yet intricate detail. Almost all of these are personalized with names, signage, and themes of family members and close friends. Set in magnificent scenery this three-dimension miniature world is truly alive.

Stop by the ball park and watch the little leaguers play an inning. Old Hanks firing up the grill. Then cruise over to the Drive-in movie with real 13 screen that plays anything you like. Grab a subway and head into the city for a touch of the night-life, or if youre driving, stop by Dirty Harrys operating car wash to spruce up the old clunker. While youre waiting take the trolley and visit the downtown shops and eateries or go people-watching at the massive Grand Station.

To further delight the kids this fascinating project also includes several classic Lionel operating accessories. With the push of a button, young entrepreneurs can become instant oil or mining tycoons, just like their grandparents did

Grab a pencil make a list of family and friends you want to commemorate and well help you build your own empire!

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SMARTTinc says:

This layout is all American O-scale Hi-rail so everything is 1:48. I'm sorry but I don't know whether the Pennsy is MTH or Lionel.

norm108 says:

just amazing. The work is ou standing. This is the type of layout I have dreamed about for years. Where is it located? Do you know if they ever allow tours etc?

SMARTTinc says:

An earlier comment asked about how we do our roads. We've posted a few tutorials at

SMARTTinc says:

@juggylocko , from the Merriam Webster dictionary: Amer·i·ca·na
 noun plural ?-?mer-?-?kä-n?, ?m?r, ?me-r?, -?ka-n? 
: things produced in the U.S. and thought to be typical of the U.S. or its culture

Tyler Minto says:

I love this layout but why anyone would pay to have this done instead of building it themselves is beside me. I could understand hiring someone for electronics and maybe layout design but I would want to build all the models myself.

Juha Susi says:

wow, there is space for a massive multi-level O gauge layout, congrats!!!


I love this layout! I have watched this video more than any other on youtube.

Jeff Bennett says:

Very nice layout and trains

Christian Hickman says:

What kind of o scale track

Cyndi Foore says:

That is really great! So realistic.

michael weilert says:

wow, what a layout! what did you use for making your roads? did you make your own buildings . well have fun……mike

Starfield1959 says:

Thanks !! That was a Superb trip through Americana.

moses knows says:

Real nice layout… I browsed and subscribed… If you have a sec. checkout my video "CHERRY VALLEY MODEL RR CLUB O SCALE LAYOUT"… (#13 in from the newest)… Thanks so much, Moses…

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