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IT CAN BE YOURS! AMAZING Model Railroad RR HO H.O. Scale Gauge Train Layout of awesome trains | Model Railway Videos

IT CAN BE YOURS! AMAZING Model Railroad RR HO H.O. Scale Gauge Train Layout of awesome trains

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If you’ve ever wanted a Model Train layout and knew you did not have the time to build one the way you’ve dreamed it could be, well here is your once in a lifetime opportunity where you can buy this house and this AMAZING layout with the trains can be yours!

With a write up in the 2018 “Holiday 2017” Edition of Great Model Railroads Magazine of “11 Remarkable Layouts” Pete Walton’s layout which we’re featuring is listed proudly in the magazine.

Pete Walton shares his awesome H.O. Scale / Gauge Model Railroad train layout he calls “The Great Midwestern Railroad”. His travels are now taking him to another state and he’s going to sell the house with the layout and trains in tack to the next Care Taker, and it can be you.

Pete’s built several layouts and had to take them down, however when he moved in this house in 2002, he made sure the house would have room for his passion, the trains. This layout designed to look like the 1950’s, which includes a farm scene, a city environment, bridges, mountains, and a Paddle Boat in the water.

Every area on the layout is complete. The engines, cars, and scenery on the layout are of the highest quality, all add realism, and just a wonderful experience to view.

The house is located on the Golf Course in the safe Del Webb Community in Huntley IL, and if you’d like to contact Pete you can contact him by e-mail at pblkwalton@aol.com

This is just amazing!

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Carl Hauser says:

Wish I could move my business there! I'd so buy the house!

Mad Dog says:

Damn, the train noise is so anoying, cant hear the importen things det owner has to say,

KeeganHedley Vlogs says:

I feel bad for him he has to sell his dream

elige brown says:

Great layout. To bad youre moveing but also hope the next owner doesnt mess this railroad up. Noway i could move.

Craig Corson says:

Very impressive layout. Very UNimpressive videography. You know, there are professionals one can hire who actually know how to shoot video properly.
Also, no mention of price? Who tries to sell a house without talking price?
One thing more: I agree with howard skipper down there ???. Most sound systems have a VOLUME CONTROL! Who needs to hear the sound effects when there is a person talking?

Rocky Fanatic 68 says:

Lou save it when I am 18 I will buy it

whiteknightcat says:

Del Webb? No wonder this looked familiar with the golf cart door. Looks just like the houses in sun City in Georgetown, TX.

Paul Fitch says:

Great video Lou! Sorry if I missed it, but what is asking price on the home? Does it include the trains? Where is it?

Robert Johnson says:

Don't have the time and patience. How about the money and space.

chandleryohn says:

Thanks for the vid. What ever happened to the layout?

da folker says:

What a nice gentleman. I hope someone good got the layout and are treating it well.

MrSixpoint says:

Really Nice.. Thanks For The Tour

ChuckandMax says:

How sad that Pete has to move and sell his dream, I’m sure someone will be thrilled to have it but I bet Pete will be heart broken.I’ve seen this layout before and it’s a masterpiece. Will Pete be building a new layout or is he going to give up on his dream? I wish I could move to Huntley Illinois

ChuckandMax says:

I wish Pete the best of luck I hope he finds someone that will truly appreciate this layout it has been a labor of love and it will take a special person to give it the TLC and appreciation that it deserves. I was always wondering what happens when these guys sell their houses.

Kevin Young says:

Beautiful layout.Did he ever sell the house with the layout.

xXCameronUhlerXx says:

You’re supposed to gently let off of zoom control. Not just let it slam back to starting position and that annoying clicking won’t be in your videos. Because it’s extremely annoying. But I love your videos and that you take to the time to show off for other people and their hard work.

Min-Chan Kim says:

WOW! GREAT! (it may cost more than the house itself – LOL). I love to have it but I won't be able to take it even if it is free I am too lazy to keep it maintained. I have a very small 4×8 (2 levels) layout hang on the ceiling which took a half year. With Great respect. Thank You for sharing.

Eric Sorbier says:

What a fantastic accomplishment to build such a beauty, you did it, respect to you Sir, i know that you already have new projects in mind, you are a builder, a creator, a brilliant mind.

Waleram1 says:

Amazing mini World in youre home. Best regards from Spain.

sidewaysonhighways says:

I hope the buyer kept the layout as is and didn’t tear it down, and replace it with a bunch of gun cabinets. They just do it for the basement space and don’t care about the craftsmanship.

Penn central GG1 Productions says:

9:23 I love that Milwaukee Road sitting there in the yard!

Cleets McBallbag says:

I have the time, not the money

Raymond Oliver says:

Has the house sold ?

Tad Heath says:

That is so nice. That's why it's called a dream layout. Cause the only one I'll have is in my dreams….I LOVE THE HOUSE TOO BY THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!! My other dream…a brick home…

Will Parsons says:

What a great "home selling" niche! Beautiful home too btw!

Bill Chisholm says:

That is a perfect layout trains are visible for most of it and has town ..country ..industrial an awesome city section .has it all with incredible detail and nice long stretches not just a bunch of tight curves it's spread out nicely whoever buys the house I hope they are model train enthusiasts as well because it would be a shame for some family to buy it with a few kids that wouldn't have the appreciation for the work involved and parents that could care less about the hobby one of the better layouts I have seen and I have seen many .its not all junked up with too much accessories it's just right .thanks for the video

Bill Chisholm says:

I'm going to model my layout on this one because it is the closest I've seen to what I want of course it won't be as nice and will take years but it is after a lot of viewing for ideas this one is my choice for taking tip from so thankyou for posting this.

vilod says:

its beautiful.

lino ferrara says:

The Perfect layout for that area! Thank you for posting this video. It has given me great ideas for my new layout.

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