Large Model Railroad RR HO H.O. Scale Gauge Train Layout @ Chicago Park District awesome trains

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Over 7000 Diecast Model Cars

Today I’m in Chicago on 12-15-17 and sharing the Garfield Clarendon Model Railroad Club that is celebrating their 70th year anniversary.

I’m speaking with President of the Club Dan Gould as he shares details of the layout.

Every area on the layout is complete. The engines, cars, scenery on the layout are of the highest quality, and many items are custom and hand built.

This is just a wonderful experience to view.

The Garfield-Clarenden Model RR Club Operations is located at 4501 N Clarendon Ave, Chicago, IL 60640 and for further details go to


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david barrera says:

Its hard to watch as you stop on a scene and your camera tries to focus but you move away to something else. I have several of the same buildings you have so thank you for some modeling ideas.

B Man says:

That's great layout I grew up in uptown did not know that was there love layout

bernard trochon says:

so speed ! we have'nt time to see !

Bill R says:

Glad you finally got around to interviewing a fellow who could explain the layout.

Harlan TILLMAN says:

I would to say that you pan & zoom much to fast. Also you had the Prez right in front of you. Tha would have been a good time for a walk and talk.
Otherwise very nice layout. I would love to come and play with my trains there!

Harlan TILLMAN says:

70 Years cool. what state is this in. and city?

Jared Banfield says:

I wish my dad and I would build something like this

kytrucking67 says:

Cool layout .Really like it.

esechucote52 says:

i enjoy watching them toys so very nice work

André Bériault says:

Lou your camera is way too unstable…its difficult to watch, with way too much blur!
Its too bad how you ruin such lovely railroads with your camera works!
All digital captors (CCD & CMOS) have lots of problems keeping light in order and will pixelate a lot under movement
1) Stabilize your camera,…if a tripod wont fit, at least with a monopod which will go anywhere..
2) Make a zoom, a pan or a tilt…its ok…. but never two or three together….and please quit the rocking, back and forth, thats a NO NO! Ideally, stop the auto-focus and make your own manual focus as you go….there are many good rigs out there that are not too expensive to control focus as you shoot
3) In DOP jargon, pans or tilts are always shot at 7-8 seconds rate for each 35 degrees, less if possible….more than that makes people dizzy!
4) Make a lot of B-roll wide shots with camera on a tripod, then you can mix it in edit to connect scenes or fill gaps….its NEVER a good idea to try and edit as you shoot
5) Use 2 mikes: one camera mike for background and another boom mike for the details, like engines…nothing wrong in shooting first , then going around with only the mike to record close ups of engines running…since no one is talking, it is super easy to add the proper sound in edit! Also for your own voice-overs, duplicate them later in post and remove the originals, that way you will be able to mix the sound levels properly…
6) All sound levels, voice, effects and music score should not exceed -10db with peaks at -6db…avoir 0db to 3db at all costs since computer speakers canot take the over load
Sorry I may be rude, but I see these mistakes so often on YouTube that it gets frustrating
Cheers and good luck!


I Looooooove  that HO Layout , I'm going there in OCTOBER for open house.

Thomas Wilhelm says:

Camera back and forth- we get a great overview and interesting enough we learn what the visitor will be looking at. More importantly though: since this hobby is right in the community center of a troubled city: does the YOUNG generation show interest? Is this place being promoted? It is a great idea allowing the action in this center.

Walt Behnke says:

he zooms too much. pans too much. jiggles too much. Doesn't understand how this looks to a viewer. be great if he had a tripod or monopod.

John W says:

My dad worked for the Milwaukee Road from the late 50s until it's demise. I love that you have the new Hiawatha train. I grew up in Hampshire, IL which was on the Omaha main line. I used to watch the Cities Of Denver and San Francisco every day whisk by my back yard. I only remember the UP yellow paint scheme. Great layout.

Cody Seybold says:

This layout is NUTS!!!! I wish you would focus on the trains a little more! I love how you capture the layout, but would like to see the same amount of love on the trains moving or not moving just to really showcase what's on the layout!

Robert Miller says:

Layout good.Filming bad.

Ellery Parsons says:

This is a layout you could learn to Build.this is Beyond mind blowing it is Speechless mind Blownig Awsome!

Ellery Parsons says:

If you tell me this layout this ain't a layout to check out something is wrong with you.I don't think you could forget a layout like this my gradpa would love to do a layout like this and thensome!

Ellery Parsons says:

How many Engines do you have on your layout?

Ellery Parsons says:

How many steamers you run?

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