Large Private Model Railroad layout in HO scale 4K UHD

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Central Florida Railroad Modelers – Best HO Model Train Club in Orlando!
Central Florida Railroad Modelers was formed to bring together individuals for a common appreciation of model railroading in order to create and build both a model railroad and a model railroad environment not likely attainable by any individual, for the mutual benefit and enjoyment of all members.

Address: 2500 Silver Star Rd, Ste 1700 (95.16 mi)
Orlando, Florida 32804


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ACADMan says:

In my youth, I wanted to build a layout in the worst way. It obsessed me. My wife totally supported me and every birthday and Xmas I received more and more train stuff. But, as I built my layout and started expanding it, i found that the real adventure was in the constant building of it, not the actual running of it. I would eventually run out of room and then the fun would end. So, I gave away my train stuff and went into model aircraft flying, where the fun was in the flying- the actual operation of the models. Trains, for me, were a dead end. I respect anyone who can keep going on with trains. This layout is fantastic. But,. it really needs ever more expansion, doesn't it?

Anonymous One says:

Very nice layout. What I find interesting that if you pay attention to the actual trains on the big layouts. With “miles and miles” of track to run on so many people run itty bitty trains. I am talking about the number of cars being 4 – 7 tops. It’s very common with modelers and I am curious as to why it’s so common to see? I like the long trains just like in the real world. 20+ cars winding around the layout is very cool yet not that common. ??

Chris Hedrick says:

Great looking layout

Disfigured Doughnut says:

I have a small collection of H-O trains. Mostly vintage types. And hardly any tracks. I hope that some day i can have something close to this.

Atlantic Coast Line says:

Another fine example of something totally nuts that came from Florida (in a good way of course)

Tony Stencel says:

What will happen to it when you can’t model anymore?

Raphael Rae says:

The more realistic the layout, the more adorable the layout.

Craig Laughlin says:

I was surprised to see a metallurgical coke works at 0:380:43! I used to build them at real steel mills!

Bradley W says:

What a set up, gotta give him credit. Love it.

Andrew Kriz says:

Get the big boy

Aneta Johnson says:

can some railroader tell me, why did passenger trains,'REAL ONES!" use two three or more engines to pull 10 to 15 passenger cars ? I know some units had two engines in them, but why the extra power! I could see it on a freight traines with 40 to 100 cars but staineless steel passenger cars wernt that heavy. was it for extra traction?

Ron Johnson says:

Nice layout, but way too clean. Regarding the filming, I felt like I was a bird flying above the countryside. Weren't you able to get the camera down where us humans usually are located?

Randy Wiesendanger says:

this could actually use a fishbowl bus from Rapido Trains

Andrew Porter says:

Really nice layout, but, sorry, my heart belongs to "O" Gauge—and steam engines (of which I glimpsed only two here, not moving.

jerry li says:


John Rettig says:

Looks great

Rudy Valle says:

Amazing track work!


Outstanding my friend ??

Marcel Poitras says:

Hell of a cliff, hell of a range! That's train on a "keen eye" nice model!

Rodati Gaming says:

I am teribly sorry but how can the whole scenario (cars, buildings) be quite old (1940-1950) but the trains are modern diesels? It is beutiful but the locomotives dont quite fit into the scene

Dlm1228 says:

Nice! Layout, very big Ho Scale Model Train Layout

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