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Largest Model Train of the World in Hamburg | Model Railway Videos

Largest Model Train of the World in Hamburg

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Paul Hersee says:

Unbelievable. A miracle of model engineering!?

Manuel Alamo says:

Largest Model Train of the World in Hamburg

Dipti Ranjan Mohanty says:

Amazing , I want to make a little model like this in my home. I appreciate
the Innovative idea and the Designers.?

Laurent Valette says:

My layout…^_^…On day, maybe…?

Lloyd Fellon says:
RageQuitMC says:

wow just epic?

Malcolm McKay says:

I just knew I wanted to subscribe to your channel – before I watched your
video. The first ten seconds sold me. I love your work. Thanks for sharing.?

Omari1125 says:

Never seen so much attention to detail in my life, my favorite part was the
model parade. You should also check out the model city of Chicago at the
museum of science and industry…?

Anton Fedorchuk says:

???????? ??????????! ?? ????? ? ?????? ????? ????? ???????!?

dieselscience says:

Is that a hooker trying to pick up two Franciscan monks at 30:00??

Maria-tamara Eigl says:

Dieses interessante Video habe ich auf YouTube gefunden:?

Andrew Silva says:

Now this has me curious, when the planes takeoff, once they go through
that Hole in the wall, do they somehow make a complete circle somewhere
inside the wall there then come back through that same hole where they went
throgh on takeoff and land????????

Dwight st. john says:

uh, I like this but it’s what we call over here an “airport”, bro.?

Charles T Dennis says:

How about this train set… Imagine finding this under the tree…?

Jeevan Satav says:


Someone says:



Very nice quality on you videos 🙂 Keep up the great work! :)?

IanGroganFilms says:

Can someone explain some things for me, I was a train enthusiast as a kid
but haven’t been around them in ages? How do they do the automation or the
cars and planes and what not??


Take a look at this video on YouTube:?

Jr Coby says:

such detail! amazing and very cool :)?

Cincinnati Dinner Train says:

This is the largest model train layout in the world, called Miniatur
Wunderland in Hamburg, Germany. #gobytrain http://bit.ly/1AgqsrZ?

Jake Dilliott says:

hey they did Colorado pretty good and the Chessie is a pretty good RR .
maybe I’ll see a Penssy since im a steelers fan at heart?

micflor531313 says:

Thanks for this. I had no idea anyone had constructed miniatures like this
on earth! A great accomplishment. ?

Sasank Kamavarapu says:

hai sasi how areu i am fine iam bobby?

Jeevan Ale Magar says:

Cant believe..
So amazing…
Furious like kids?

Lev Volgin says:

What is an ICE doing in Las Vegas??

Memon Abdul Karim says:

Amazed hope we have same train model in Mumbai.?

TheBlackSheep says:

now all it needs is GODZILLA!!!!!!!?

Sagar Sonker says:


Chris Miller says:

WOW AMAZING ! !!!!!!!!

David Traverse says:

In reply to Joseph Meko How can you not watch this and not get some good
ideas for your own layout ,come on think of all the happy hours someone has
put into this.
stop being a rivet counter and njoy the hobby

cmeas chan says:

i don’t how they work ?? everyone can u tell me please, i want to know can
i got it like this 🙁 ???

Fran?ois Dub says:

Merveilleux amis et amies du modelisme ferroviairre Allemand. Ma folie de
toutes vos installations,Je trouve cela formidable.Dube Francois Francois
Amateurs de trains de Granby.qc.Ca?

Sapiens says:

Interesting. However I miss seing the model train from a not so zoomed in
perspective. The video showing the largest train model in Russia has good
view which is not so zoomed in.?

Rick Ro says:

Great video! I could not stop watching until the end (and wishing there was
I know that the magnetic cars and truck come in a starter kit. I can/t
remember the name. Does anyone know what the kit is called??

Erdr?ckt Thrash says:

240 people are heads of shit. Wonderful Model!!!!?

OldVillain says:

They’d just started building the airport when I was last there. This place
is amazing and well-worth a visit if you’re in Hamburg. The “Minatur
Wonderland” is situated in an old warehouse in Speicherstadt and is home to
the largest miniature railway set in the world.?

Joseph Meko says:

Ok wear do I start, They just dropped scenes in wear ever they felt like
it, some like the Mini Golf course have no roads or walk ways to get to the
thing, As I watched this Video I made a List of some Very Wrong things for
a Railroad ( I know Haters will not like the things I saw wrong with it )1.
On every Mountain every placement of Grass was all Light Green no shading
of Darker colors or what, also they Have Trees growing out of Rock, not
dirt and one Goat or two would not have Killed them. 2. All the Mountains
and Cliffs are all painted Bright New Gray, No shading like Under the Rocks
or Overhangs nothing every thing is New Looking they also built a lot of
Tall Rock Towers with Boulders on top of them ( to many Really ), The same
with ALL the Bridges, Towers, Railroad Towers, Lamp Posts, Tunnel Portals,
Walls used as divider’s in between City’s and the Railroads. 3. They must
of had no moving cars just Trucks and Buses, they had Small Things moving
at the Air Port and they are all Racing around the roads some going one
speed around curves and City’s Must have been Computer Set, would have
looked better if run by a Person. 4. The Trains that used Overhead Power
would have never run with all the Sloppy and Loose Power Lines some looked
so Bad I was Shocked, and when these overhead lines went right into a
Mountain I almost shit myself, I mean right into the rock, Not Under and in
to the Tunnel at least to make it look like power was going along with the
Trains, VERY BAD If your going to do it DO IT RIGHT!! or don’t do it.5.
They Built a very large Railroad Station with like 4 or 5 Platforms full of
people with NO Cross walks or stairways to cross over the 4 or 5 Running
Trains, Not very Life Like, for all the Money, which was placed for the
people coming in to see this Layout. 6. Can someone please tell me why in
Gods Name they placed a Amusement Park right beside a Major Railroad Yard
without a least a Brick Wall between them, also with NO streets or Roads to
get to it, like it just fell into that spot, by the way the whole thing the
Park was built on dark Gravel, Not Cement like you would think huh, also
lots of people with cars with NO parking Lots or Front Gate wear you might
Pay to get in, I mean the Air Port had BIG Parking Lots even 5 or 6 story
parking lots with tons of people and cars and Cabs out the ass, but this
ell placed Park in between is Ok were it was Placed, Only for the people
again to see the Fine Work they did, But with no thought on How the fuck
the people got there, just Stupid Planning on there part, as with a lot of
Buildings and Bridges that just run from no were, again just so the people
could see the fine bridge building skills of there people who forgot things
get Dirty with a little Black or Rust they might have looked REAL. 7. Again
can you explain why every Building is Brand New out of the Box, with out
any Weathering done to them, they just Built Models and set them out this
thing, very Old things right beside New things with no space what so every,
then they have a New Building being built in a area SO SMALL one would
wonder what were they thinking, also with no main roads and on a Cliff
right above a Railroad Line, again just so the people could see it, They
did not think of Scale were some things are Placed off in the Distance
making it look Real again, I come up with that word a lot Real I only they
would have thought that way, Sure they Spent a lot of Money and have a
Giant Air Port, but it dose not Blend into a real world setting. 8. Every
train again looked Brand New there was NO wear and tear on any car or
Gondola like a Steel Bean had hit the side or dropped on it, also all the
cars looked again like they were just built, there was NO rust on any of
the wheel trucks, I might have said this before but it is such a small
touch that would have looked so good, again showing that there Crafts Men
had no feelings or thoughts of what a Real train or railcars would look
like, and after all this is suppose to be a Model Railroad. Now I run a HO
Pike that’s only 4 X 15 and I do not have a 60,000 gallon Fuel Tank right
beside a Rail Line, and I used some Brown to show Earth and walkways to and
from my buildings just as you would see with a little grass along side then
and along side my train rails, like weeds will grow. There’s may be the
biggest in the World but it was built with no Feelings of real Life and
after all is that not what we are going for in our works, sure money can
buy moving trucks and Bus’s and Fancy Air Port but if it was built just to
be the Biggest in the World then that’s ALL it is, it dose Not show True
Life, Sad to say the One in Russia is a hell of a lot Better then this one.
sorry this was so long, but if you got any of what I was saying, it will
Help you if ever you try to build a Lifelike Model Railroad. And please
Don’t go by what you have seen hear. Thank You The Locomotive is my

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