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LITTLEWOOD, British N Gauge Model Railway | Model Railway Videos

LITTLEWOOD, British N Gauge Model Railway

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British N Gauge Model Railway At Littlewood

This is footage taken of our Modern Image ‘N’ Gauge Model Railway ‘Littlewood’ at a Model Railway Exhibition near Wolverhampton. The layout was exhibited all around the UK between 1996 and 2007, attending over 50 shows. The track plan comprises a double track mainline which passes through three levels; on the middle level it is joined by two slow lines, making a quadruple section. The lower level mainline is equipped with overhead catenary for electric services. A disused branch line from the upper level has been taken over by a preservation society, who are in the process of restoring it for steam and diesel operation. The station has been renovated for use as a base for passenger services and locomotive restoration and a limited shuttle service is operating over part of the line. The movement of trains is fully automated using magnets, reed switches and relays. The layout was sold in 2007 and a full description is available at welcome.to

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rmdeas says:

The layout is 2ft 10ins (863mm) wide. Tracks over the baseboard joints are connected using small diameter brass tubes soldered to the outside of each rail on each side of the joint. On assembly, small diameter brass bars are then inserted through the tubes, this both aligns the track and creates a good? electrical contact.

timbo50000 says:

Does the 2ft 10in wide? include the fiddle yard as well ?

rmdeas says:

Yes, the? fiddle yard is approx 12 inches wide.

jordimikado says:


MatthewBuick says:

That is a breathtaking layout! Truly!

Just a little question here, if anybody doesn’t mind answering, is Dapol N gauge? stuff still manufactured in the UK? I know Farish is manufactured in China.

ronrouleau says:


applesweeter says:

nice design in? detail!!

RC4LIF3 says:

Very nice indeed, are the level crossing barries operated by rc servo’s??

rmdeas says:

The level crossing barriers are operated by a home made drive unit consisting of a combined motor gearbox unit and a system of links and bell cranks. If I were making it again, I think I would use memory wire.?

jamescooling says:

very nice? layout, seen it in one of the model rail magazines.

this is in no way a criticism but i just dont feel you get the realism N as you do with OO

Nikki Smash says:

This is fantastic. I’m just about to start building my first N? gauge layout, i’m twenty four and been into model railways since i was born!! haha. I’ve got a 2ft 6inches by 6ft 2 inches surface to work with. Is this enough to have a layout with a fiddle yard etc? Also can you tell me where to get lner Afour locomotives from, please.

Again fantastic layout, thanx for you time!

rmdeas says:

Hi, thanks for your kind comments. Yes, you can get a decent ‘N’ gauge model railway? on a 2′ 6″ x 6′ 2″ baseboard. Bachmann (Farish) currently produce an A4 loco, also second hand Minitrix ones can usually be found on eBay (or similar auction sites)

GeneralRimmer says:


rmdeas says:

The Eurostar is the full 20 vehicle set as? used on Channel Tunnel services. In model form, it measures almost 8 feet long.

kered43 says:

excellent thanks for sharing kered43?

karelfromholland says:

This is? one of the best videos I have seen !!!

Fisher387 says:

hey, i live in the UK, wondering how much an N Gauge automatic level crossing would cost like the? 1 on this video?

rmdeas says:

Hi, the level crossing mechanism is one I made myself and as such is not available to purchase. The level crossing? itself is made from PECO components.

Fisher387 says:

kk, its? pretty kwl, if you made and sold thm on mass production or sumthin, i’d definetely buy 1

47trebor1 says:

Keep a check on “mrrails.com.” They have been promising an automated? level crossing in n gauge.

ay76 says:

Got to see this layout once, as well as in the model press. Very impressive & one of my favs’. Glad you’ve? uploaded this, good stuff 🙂

DeityDragon42 says:

This is great! I? want this scale but I can never find them in the shops. It’s always the bigger Hornby ones that take up too much room.

leeham991 says:

I need public help to decide which is cooler.

The? 00 gauge where you can see more details and is a larger presence in the room or the N gauge where it is bleeding tiny but has the same level of detail.

leeham991 says:

I’m also pretty sure I saw this layout at a show in London some time between 2004-2007
I distinctly remember a layout with a similar two? level, giant fiddle yard which I kept going back to over and over. xD

trinityct says:

Nice catenary at :31? seconds. Does it really power the trains or is it just for show? Either way, that’s cool! 😀

rmdeas says:

The catenary is dummy and doesn’t supply any? power to the locomotives. If it were live, it would need to extend all around the layout and over the fiddle yards at the back, making maintenance and track cleaning almost impossible.

trinityct says:

Nice! I have some dummy catenary that I’ve made myself out of? scrap wire and parts! It looks great! 🙂

newcastlerabbit says:

magic layout.?

KinletHallsthebest says:

How did? you make the Thomas Face

rmdeas says:

The face was from? a child’s rubber toy, it was just about the right size for the front of the Farish General Purpose Tank locomotive from which Thomas was made.

KinletHallsthebest says:

Thanks any idea which rubber toy because im planning? a N gauge preserved line and hold evnts on it such as Thomas Day outs

rmdeas says:

Sorry,? no idea, it was made over 30 years ago.

TheOzzy131313 says:

? this is oo gauge

rmdeas says:

No it’s not!!!?

ChromeMagician says:

I’m sure that this is OO? gauge…..

railfreight56 says:

could you please tell me what you use for the auto? fiddle yards?

rmdeas says:

The system? is my own design, it uses magnets on the trains and reed switches in the track which operate the point motors via relays. A full detailed description of the fiddle yards is included in my website on Littlewood. The website address is at the end of the video, or just search for ‘Littlewood – deas.net’ in Google.

joel crockett says:

why is there a thomas? the tank engine there

rmdeas says:

Thomas is running on the preserved railway, a? site that be seen at many heritage lines all over the UK.

GalltachOptima says:

nice layout? would love to do n scale but little fingers at home so have to stick to oo

stealth939 says:

im guessing but the ticking noise in the fiddle yard is the noise of relays? and your fiddle yards bigger than my? layout.

rmdeas says:

Yes, relays and? point motors.

RepublicOfSpexico says:

where did you get? the automatic level crossing?

rmdeas says:

Hi, thanks for the kind comments.
No, the new owner does not exhibit the layout, it is almost impossible to? extract the baseboards from the room in his converted loft.
We did exhibit LITTLEWOOD at Hull in November 2001 and at Bridlington in May 2005.

TheOzzy131313 says:

ok but to? me it looks like its oo gauge

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