Make free trees for model railroad layout

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monon1971 says:

Hey, thanks for the comments

bcrlwy says:

Great video, we have these plants or I think they are the same up here in Englehart, Ontario.
I've always called them Sedum-Autum Joy, they grow like weed but the flower head turns a nice orange/pink color that our local bees just love. Same cut them down in the late fall or early spring and let them dry a year. I've spray painted the stalk a light grey before applying the foam, gives a little variety to the stalks. Take care

monon1971 says:

@bcrlwy Hey thanks. It's nice to enjoy the flowers all summer and then enjoy them on the layout for years to come.

CIAfreak says:

That's called sedum! It grows wild here in East Tennessee, and I collect it every fall. One suggestion: Don't use your rail nippers for trimming trees, use scissors instead. Fiskars makes a fine pointy scissors good for that work. Rail nippers are bloody expensive, using them on the woody stems will dull them for their original purpose.

monon1971 says:

Hey thanks for the coments

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