Making a T Gauge Coffee Table Model Railway Layout

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growlingbehemoth says:

The project seems so cool but the awful music scared me off.

JB Dragon says:

The music was a little annoying. The project is a cool idea. The minor issues I had was no trains running at the end. And the Track it's self, stands way out. The track looks so fake with how white it is and other features of that track. I'd have liked to see better bridge details and tunnel details. Of course it's a far better job than I could ever do.

kosh22 says:

Interesting but would have liked some details. Play video on mute.

gh_3_2 says:

I wish this was available in america

Kruno Rus says:

DanceEjay all the way 😀

Joaquin Santandreu Polache says:

No se puede escoger peor música. Lamentable. No termino de verlo

Crazy_clay78 says:

sounds like sonic

John Blotnick says:

Cool. Really like the inner loop.


T gauge is to 00 what n is to 0

Mike Thomas says:

Fantastic video and again I am impressed with the formwork you are truly talented

Curt Christensen says:

what is T gauge?

Olav Schneider says:

I would of spray painted all the tracks to make them look less plastic' y

Daniel Ruscito says:

Il n'y a rien là !!! 3/20

David Johnson says:

Dreadful music – stopped watching!

David Harper says:

Cool vid, very inspiring, thanks for making it.

Blame USA says:

good video, music about right for time period! great stuff!

Jimyjames73 says:

AA lot of photos…but a good vid – would of been nice to see the trains run @ the end of the Vid!!!

Tank Engine 75 says:

0:55 Your Cat?

im playing some rocc sim then y u saw me says:

this music more like a initial d music

jockellis says:

How does T gauge compare to Z gauge?

Shark Hunt says:

Great job ?

Galaxy7 says:

Disappointed;didn't see the trains run!

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