MASSIVE HO Scale Model Train Layout! Chesapeake Bay and Western

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With thanks to member Logan Dahir for the invitation, we visit the local Chesapeake Bay & Western Model Railroad Club layout in Yorktown, Virginia. The layout is so massive and so impressive no form of media would do it any kind of justice, you have to see it for yourself. You also have to see it multiple times to take it all in.

In order to navigate the layout we follow a N&W/Southern Tennesseean pulled by none other than the world famous Norfolk and Western Class J #611 4-8-4. The era of the layout can vary from 1950s to present, and a J looks just as good as a modern NS intermodal. It seems a lot of the scenes on the Blue Ridge, Altavista, Christiansburg, and Pulaski districts of the Norfolk Southern (ex Norfolk and Western) are covered in this layout.

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tdluvs says:

How did you enjoy your visit to our club? Are you coming back again to visit?

22521245 says:

too much of the steam engine passenger. would have liked to see others

David Mihevc says:

Very cool. Awesome layout, the different levels are neat.

Jack Roe says:

Saw this railroad while it was "DC" and only half of the building. I even got run the control panel. Long before they moved into the bunker. Will have to visit sometime.

tuberholic says:

Love the sound of those steam engines in full throated chugga-chugga!!

José Antonio says:

Excelente vídeo. …Uma pena aqui no Brasil. ..O hobby não ser tão divulgado.

motorTranz says:

Impressive, most impressive ?

Chuck P says:

i have a ton of HO scale trains. i would love to ride those tracks sometime with mine

Frank Heß says:

It's amazing. impressive. I like the US layout. Greetings from Germany

FluorescentBlackProductions says:

It amazes me that I have seen no layout on here that cares about scale sound as much as scale speed & detail. It's all to load * distracting to enjoyment.

Josh Tonry says:

I like the chainsaw too

james strickland says:

I need to visit, very nice layout ?

Barry Widdowson says:

Camera motion too fast makes your stomach queezy.. Slow down when moving from one spot to another otherwise very nice work….

W. Rusty Lane says:

Every time I've seen the NW 611 it's pulling Norfolk Western coaches with the same paint scheme as the engine. Can't see what yours are, but they don't look right. Almost none of yer rolling stock is weathered. They look brand new and pristine.

Jackson Slater ElevatorRailAlarmFan says:

Spencer train museum Fireworks and Salisbury railfanning 🙂 great as usual pal 🙂

hntrains says:

What a layout! I wish you did not move the camera that fast when not following trains so that I can get a better view of what is shown! And I would also like to see more of that helix!

Hobbiesforall says:

Beautiful scale model 🙂

John Wilde says:

I could go from 55 years old to 8 years old in this place!

Ian Sutton says:

This is far and away the greatest model train layout I have ever seen, however, it would be better if the background conversations were muted.

Robert Sacco says:

Dam that's one hell of a layout


Hello from France wonderful video thank you for posting !!

1M Concepts says:

Oh man , this is awesome ???

Raffa Bintang says:

This is deja vu or something I think I has look this video before or that just dream

Vinodbhai Parmar says:

Good good marvel a ??????? ??????? ???? ?? ?? ????? ???? ???? ????? ??? ??? ?? ????? ?? ??? ?? ???? ?? ?? ????? ??? ??? ?? ?? ????? ???? ?? ??? ??? ????

Akshay Agarwal says:

Great Job. It looks fantastic. Greetings from India.

Frank Webster says:

The quality of the picture was outstanding. I wish more people would shoot with a high quality camera. Thank you.

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