Model Railroad Mold Making / Mould Making

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In This video, I show using some hobby time silicon rubber and molding compound to make small parts for my railroad. Its a pretty short video but goes through the full scope to painting the formed parts.

I wanted to elaborate on something that many have posted their thoughts on. It has to do with duplicating purchased products as seen in this video. I am making copies of some things I have purchased for my own use, not for resale, this is perfectly legal. As long as these items are not being sold to anyone else, there is not any laws on copyrights or other wise “stealing”. It is my thought that once I have purchased something, I can duplicate it for my own personal use. Furthermore, the simple truth is, many of these small parts are so entirely over priced in my opinion that it is in my own best interest to duplicate things that I feel I may use.

I hope you find this video and its contents useful, If indeed you are indifferent on my opinion on duplicating parts, I would gladly accept your purchased products.

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Larry Bridges says:

Awesome video. Thanks again for the walk through. Educational as usual!!

David Durbin says:

Great video, I have some molds of mow work trucks and didn't know how or what to use on them. Thanks so much for sharing!

Phil Merrow says:

WOW! This was great. It would be a great way to make some N Scale parts. Keep up the work on the great videos.

thetobin8or says:

Very Nice !! Thank you I needed this one to help me ! .

Stacy Clark says:

Have you used the molds again since you made this video?  Any problems (drying out, etc.)?  Great videos.  Love the coal mine!

Kelley Wright says:

Hey Mike, this is Kelley the Z scaler in Germany.A tip for molds, use legos. You can make them fast any size and can take them apart and reuse them

Rodney Nelson says:

I mad a few molds with a different product and i used a spray on mold release both in making the molds and when using the molds

carmium says:

If you slightly overfill your rectangular mold and then place the piece of acrylic you used on top of it (spray it with release), you'll get perfectly flat bottoms on your castings.

tjf4375 says:

Great video! Useful tip for one part moulds – fill until the resin just balloons over the top, and then place a piece of thick perspex or glass on top, sprayed with release agent. Gives a perfect flat bottom to the castings every time!

Morten Albertsen says:

It's hilarious! i bought the exact same supplies to start with! you might have discovered it yourself, Stewalin is more of a gypsum than a resin. it works fine for the concrete parts, but personally i would go for a proper resin for the drums, beams and toilets.

Beside that, nice video! contains everything important for a one part mold. maybe explain further why you put the originals in the bottom of frame rather then sticking them on top. In addition, turn up the oven to about 50-60 Degrees to accelerate the vulcanisation!

Charlie Morris says:

wow! great way to save yourself money right there!

pe700 says:

Nice work! I have an HO Rivarossi steam locomotive that has one pilot step missing that I maybe to duplicate. Thanks for the information!

bobspacebbq says:

Mike, your model work is excellent as well as the video productions. I enjoy the music at the beginning of this particular video and would like to know where I can find the library. Thanks.

J White says:

Hey Mike… Great video first of all and how you got 5 thumbs down on this one is beyond me… Could you tell me where and what brand of rubber you used? Thank you in advance and again, great video.

John Butler says:

that was very creative

Old, bald fat man says:

Thanks for the video, but don't want to deal with silicone you have to weigh. Tried Aluminite by eye balling the hardener and it was a disaster. Now using a 50/50 silicon type mix and my life is a lot easier.

Za-Rappa Reincarnated says:

Your a Cool Dude!

mickd6942 says:

the bob ross of model building

rdgk1se3019 says:

Done anything new lately?

Kart Handler says:

Where did you get the originals from i.e. the drums etc? Thanks great vid hi from Australia.


Hi. Just watched this video. I've been wanting to get into mold making. But I want to mold a large windmill blade. It looks like that stuff would work great for that type of piece! I don't feel like spending $35 for each blade! Then I can maybe make my own Nacell, columns and collars and have truck loads or train car loads! I'm also supporting your channel. Roy H

Bobbie Riggins says:

Awesome, thank you, I'm looking for 1:12 bricks for an outdoor pizza oven and you were suggested, not exactly bricks but a good watch, thanks for sharing!

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