Model Railway Room

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lazy RRR says:

? Yer' Killin' me, man ! ? Dehydrated by dry wit ?
"Escapism" IS the word ?

Dom Smith says:

this is all exactly what i would do if i had the time or money. Amazing little dioramas! No need for them to run – mine is the same [although I only have ONE!]. ALL so realistic though.

Novak Ingood says:

Great idea for producing cobbles, but instead of a Biro for the cobbles, perhaps a brass tube of similar radius to reduce the size of the cobble boundaries. Maybe rectangular section tubing for setts. Superb looking layouts – thanks for posting.

Owen Meschter says:

I freaking love it! Your attention to detail is magnificent, and each layout is a nifty size…well except for the last one.

RML Bobby D says:

I hazard a guess that you are now too busy with your profession for the introduction of “yet another” creation?! However, these are timeless pieces and, I for one, feel an air of nostalgia wave over me when watching and imagining being there at the real time of the pieces you create, Chris, such is the realism you create……… there a “new” one in the pipeline?! Best wishes, Bob

Neil Crawford says:

Stunning. I love the sense of depth created using the photographic backscene on sticky backed plastic. Sticky backed plastic and Fairy Liquid bottles, those were the days.
Love the tongue in cheek humour. No doubt you listen to Radio 4 at 18.30 for the News Quiz or I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue. Mrs Trellis of North Wales will be pleased.
The Friary van is nice local touch. Unlike the awful Friary Centre, that replaced the brewery, with it's depressing bus station to the rear. It really is begging to be demolished.

Filip 36 says:

Very inspiring Chris. The detail and realism is outstanding. Love it ! (watching your vid while sipping at delightful Belgian Trappist Westmalle Tripple. Blends wonderfully with your 'Brew Street' !) Thanks for sharing.

tom ellis says:

How come you know so much about crap pubs?

davidf2281 says:

I went on a virtual hunt for that Catcott cottage:

Dave Day says:

I admire your presentation. A great change from seeing a layout on an island suspended in space.

Noel Anderson says:

Well done Chris, I luv 'em… IMHO, top class….Keep up the good work…!!!

JAZZ MAN says:

Excellent scratch-builds and modelling!

???????? says:

wonderful works !
greeting from japan.

angels77100 says:

This is one of the best diarama/layouts I've seen in a long time. This deserves more likes.

Gordon Robbins says:

it's OK to dream dreaming is a wonderful thing. That's one thing no one can ever take from you you appear to me to be an artisan of the railroad it's a beautiful thing. I do sincerely appreciate your video very inspiring it's OK to dream?????????????????????????? God bless be safe

Loch Vàth Train Video says:

I am realy fan of your Workshop. I am happy ton find your channel and i subscribe immediately.

Jack Guy says:

I'm currently planning a layout that's going to have to live in a small and awkward space, this video is really inspiring showing what can be done in not much room! Fantastic models, I hope mine can look even half as good.

Owen Meschter says:

Lovely video, all these layouts give me loads of inspiration and ideas. Love each one.
Quick question, what's that red branch line coach at 10:04? I adore the look of it!

B L says:

Beautiful attention to detail. I love the wooden platform with weeds growing underneath. It really ads depth to the layout and makes it look different to everybody else's.

Don Sharpe says:

I love the S & D theme especially the "Bridgewater" terminus. Sadly I never saw it and it is long gone. You have the essence of the Somerset levels. I like the back scenes you have done.

steven rowe says:

You love trains but really you are without a doubt a very skillful artist.
You make 3D art.
When I saw your first layout with the crossing I thought S&D, im sure I have seen this on Branchline Railway.
You need a Sir John Betjmin figure.

dibley1973 says:

Lovely little layouts! A lot of attention to detail.

J.A. ALMARZA says:

Fantastic! ??????

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