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Model Railways Track Plans – TT scale | Model Railway Videos

Model Railways Track Plans – TT scale

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Model Railways Track Layout Plans

Hope you enjoy it !?New Year?will bring a new project featuring French & Italian motive power. Layout is 3′ x 6′ and was constructed when I was 14-18. TT scale is 1:120 scale, right inbetween HO and N, so you get the detail and the advantage of small size. Layout is European prototype but not based on any particular location. Track and all rolling stock with a couple exceptions is from Tillig Modelbahn, Berliner Bahn, and Roco. Structures are from Auhagen and the wonderful semaphore signals are from Viessmann electronics. Models featured in this video is the fantastic BR 01.5 4-6-2 streamlined pacific of the DR, and 2 of the older BTTB Czech CSD electrics, still good runners after all these years ! These 2 electrics were some of my first TT models. Layout is block wired DC with MRC power in control. Another year of service for the railway in the books !

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BNSFCSX1 says:

nice layout!?

Frabas02081912 says:

very? nice trains and layout in TT scale.

jaribarem says:

Happy New Year and I hope to see more? from you nex year Greetings Jan
This video was super .

trainfart says:

Klasse Video,? Daumen weit nach oben! 🙂

PhilbruProduction says:

Very nice layout. Bravo.?

Amtrak1194 says:

This should be more popular in the United States. The advantage of the in-between HO-N, makes for more space, like N but easier to work? with like HO

BurningtunaDC says:

Quite impressive. ? Thanks for sharing.

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