Model train print out scenery

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SnooperSquirrelFilms says:

Wow , this guy is good …very creative and energetic and great finished project

Arlen and Scott says:

Good work I love your videos

John Schoendorf says:

how do you find the picture to print out to build the wall?

Kenneth Hall says:

this gentleman's energy, enthusiasm & just plain joy he takes in his creative outlet reinforces my belief in mankind…

Johnny White says:

Great tutorial! Clear camera work, good sound, very well explained steps. The? high energy and positive attitude of host is awesome!

joeviking61 says:

What a wonderful find ! New subscriber here…your enthusiasm is contagious!

Robert Walker says:

John's videos are always amazing & inspiring in getting so much from so very little… -Bob W, NH, USA.

Ralph Schioppa says:

ordered a few of your print-outs—what's the deal–received no downloads!!

Paul Howes says:

The artistic flow to create 3 D effect from any flatness is the way scratch-builders have great fun.
Congratulations on this topic and your presentation of it. BB

Ben Gaarder says:

I hoped if I watched he would go away.

john slade says:

I,ve not got a printer. Which type of printer is best to get the best results and would I need just A4 copying paper or white card thanks john

William Conklin says:

Love these Video's and you sure make it interesting and enjoyable to watch, I just bought the buildings and the walls,,thanks.

William Conklin says:

For 0 gauge I know i have to increase the size 185% But how can you print it all out?

Michael Reardon says:

Great video, got me thinking now. Thanks mate.

Michael Levtchenko says:

Awesome idea but the amount of expensive ink to print these.

Supertrain12 says:

This guys joy makes me happy.

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