Model Trains From Bachmann

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XxLegendman1995xX says:

that is cool? very realistic

jordanturner97 says:

what type? of bridge is at 2:07

jdubbjazzbass says:

love the scenery.?

Crintingnut says:

Great scenery and well video’d. But it reinforces the case for clubs and museums to have a slot for? photo sessions where serious viewers don’t have the distraction of irrelevant background noise. Sure, encourage the kids but ….

rickpawl says:

Thanks. I never videoed model trains before and my 80 year old mother was waiting for me so I was kind of rushing around, in a hurry trying to find vantage points and yes,? competing with kids for those places. I wish I had had more time to set up the tripod, etc. It was a weekend, very busy. : )

Modeltrainguy says:

Awesome! ^_^?

MrWarfreak7 says:

nice? detail

drumkid330 says:

Is. That.? Northlandz?

WPRR1 says:

59? CHEVY!!!

Jops van 't Hof says:

Been there,? LOVED it!

Nitro888888888888888 says:

where did? you get the cop car

CatspitProductions says:

So cool. I love? model trains. Pretty big train museum. Nice. Come get some Catspit~! ?

JBofBrisbane says:

– Read. The.? Description!

kuxia123ify says:

Shocked! ! Model train layout tutorial website:

Frank Jones says:

I wanna? see the best model train!

brianmusson says:

what? no graffiti??

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