More DCC Decoder Installations

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guitar446 says:

great vid of the F7 uints and the gp30s and the dcc install 10*

teddybeareleventeen says:

WOW! 10*, Thank you very much! 🙂

Cedrexic Moseley says:

I have two KCS proto GP 30 i wanted to place sound but the shell is limited w/ space as well I dont want to take away from the weight love proto stuff it has their stuff was NRMA to scale and weight. The new stuff on the market are greatly detailed but don't have the weigth for smooth operation. I would like more proto stuff but Walthers keeps running their prices up each quarter. Global impact of trains has not killed prices as one would have to be just another plot for someone to get rich!!

teddybeareleventeen says:

Yes the P2K are fairly tight fitting especially under hood units. Installing sound in the older Proto engines is a bit of work but well worth the trade off in weight loss, unless you're running really long trains or have steep grades.

TSBYrailroad says:

those are some nice rolling stock u got there! nice f7 to. great update! i need to make one eventually

ibiubuok says:

You've a really nice layout and I love seeing those long freights. Thanks also for the info on the DCC decoder. (I'm still in the old world of DC and appreciate your explanations.) Keep up the great work.

teddybeareleventeen says:

Thank-you! Eventually the F7 B unit will be powered and the train will be longer!

teddybeareleventeen says:

Thanks very much! I really like running long freighters. Sometimes I think maybe I should have gone to N scale!

Nothing wrong with DC, but you can have so much more with DCC.

teddybeareleventeen says:

@JohnLinnane Hi and thanks for watching! Once you've switched to DCC you'll wish you had done it sooner!

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