MTH Premier PRR K4s O-Gauge Steam Locomotives Double-Headed in True HD 1080p

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toytrains1 says:

The product locator at the MTH web site lists one dealer who still has it
in stock.

aocruiser says:

Excellent looking steamers!!

Frank Barquinha says:

Hi i was wondering where you got that from and if its possible to get one
and how much did it cost? Thanks

ocrailfanner1995 says:

Hey i was wondering if you could do a video on Union Pacific engines if you
happen to have any. Please respond

Bassfanatic94 says:

Wow nice video. I would die to get that 1361 I absolutely adore that
locomotive. MTH makes a great model for it. Are there any still waiting to
be sold?

toytrains1 says:

@ocrailfanner1995 I already have many videos of UP locomotives posted here.

Southerntreatment says:

very cool!

Ogaugerunner Railking says:

I’m not surprised that the two K4’s could haul that load. I have one
RailKing K4 that pulls 9 MTH madison with no trouble al all. I sure do Like
to see the double headed steamers. Good video. Wish I had another K4 to
double head my first K4. But times are tight so is money. Jack

PghTrainFanatic says:

Sweet sounds man! Great video!

Tailterrier27 says:

The only MTH steamer I would ever even consider buying is the K-4, due to
how realistic the whistle is.?

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