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My First DCC Model Railway – Trains Running on my Layout | Model Railway Videos

My First DCC Model Railway – Trains Running on my Layout

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Jim Rice Jersey says:

Blount punched it in from there to make it 30-3.
Jim Rice Jersey http://www.mlbgear.net/Boston-Red-Sox-Jim-Rice-Authentic/

lone-wolf says:

most bachmann sets and other model train sets with magnetic couplers include a magnet that attaches to the bottom of the track, and when parked over it, will uncouple them giving a more realistic set

BriefRoboboy says:

I still wonder up to this day what differs DCC from regular DC…..

Ruthie Bergese says:

that turn table is noisy as shit

British Steam says:

i have one of them, they are really good.

AWAD says:

I am doing a railway model station as my final year engineering project using arduino control board, my question is; when it comes to buying the railway model, should I buy one equipped with DCC center or regular DC one ? and I need also to know beside the choice a small brief of the reason, Thank you

tim firestac says:

not sound DCC

Karen D. Jones says:

how are you ,
If anyone else?? trying to find? about
how to build ho o scale model train layouts? try Awsomic Railroaders Club (do a google search)?
Ive heard some decent things about it and my brother in law got great results? with it.

M Baggie says:

I used the same Turntable. I had loads of problems with Locos derailing on entry and exit to the Turntable. Especially the longer Locos with Tenders. Problem is caused by the elevated rails that fit to the Turntable. I cured mine by cutting off the little plastic legs that are on the connecting track pieces. I then recessed the Turntable into my Layout with a Router. Now all the rails are flat and even.

borice sellers says:

wanted to know how big was your layout ( dimensions ) please. Thanks!

Yordan Nikolov says:

Hi I want to ask you how are you choose which train to run I am beginner is it from the controller? Thank you!


That little shunter engine is exactly like the one I have!

Game line says:

When you come to scenery do the ballast last

Donatillo Arteaga says:

to fix the dead spots…put?two capacitors on the motor , it will keep enough energy to go over the dead energy areas.

Farmer Dave says:

A little help from the 0-5-0 switcher

Good WinWan says:

Dcc Model Trains Ebook And Online Model Railroad Club Membership https://plus.google.com/116330541990928457816/posts/e5ANjNvTSen

Ion Teszter says:

This is a great scale – details, versatility, all you need is there. Not 100% stable, in my own experience, but a rewarding model train choice, by all means.
What does your layout look like today? I would like to see that!

TGSGAMER360 says:

Nice layout 🙂 sorry im late but hey its a good start for dcc: Keep on doing this and you will have a succesful layout

Steven's railway says:

Is that Smokey joe DCC?? How did you do that I have a Smokey joe and idk if it's DCC comparable.

LoganDuckThomas#1 Best says:

The layout looks great

LIRR Railfanning says:

Wow you got a better start then me

Ellery Parsons says:

Clean it up a bit grass it up wa la still awsome.

Angus Dassler says:

Figure out a way to put in electrofrog points. These alleviate the stopped train issues (most) of them. It's just a bunch of extra wires.

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