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OO British model Railway layout FULL TOUR | Model Railway Videos

OO British model Railway layout FULL TOUR

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joseph seckel says:

hi very nice set up i wood like build rail road some like that what s cost

jack dark says:

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Balarno Canine Lessons Bonanza (Have a quick look on google cant remember
the place now ) ? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my mate
got great success with it. ?

Poopingbotham says:

Another quality clip. Excellent ?

MetroTitanD78 says:

Very impressive layout?

Darrell Deltic says:

Absolutely brilliant!! Your layout has so much character, the garden
extension looks great and colour light signals too! Thanks for sharing
cheers Darrell ?

Allen Knight says:

Great layout. The Heath and Safety will pull you up on that outside section
along the garden fence!?

Chippingford Central says:

Wow that’s an immense loop!

kevintregunna . says:

Great run around the layout like it cheers Kevin?

Lee Mallin says:

Thanks for sharing Great Job !!?

Chippingford Central says:

You have some of the best scenary and ballasting I have ever seen, soooo
impressed. What techniques did you use? BTW subscribed. Cheers. Ivi?

robert van ooyen says:

Nice! Thanks, Robert?

percomotion says:

Always looks great from these small cameras mate great way to see such a
superb model railway.

Hendy121 says:

I thought the track was bad to have outside… Is there special track that
doesn’t rust etc??

Dave Cheshire says:

Great Video of a fantastic layout. Great Work.?

streamleazefishhouse says:

This is a dudey railway.?

Five Elms says:

Great layout and an interesting ride. Thanks for filming. Jason.?

Raggi R says:

It’s very jerky: is that an artefact of the camera or just a comment on the
very rough tracklaying? Presumably whoever laid the track has never heard
of straight edges, nor of transitional curves: which help greatly to keep
things smooth. And by the way, one would not expect to see a lit feather
with a red aspect.?

colliecandle says:

Very nice too ! Do you have problems with mice getting in to your home or
can you seal off the indoor/outdoor tunnel ? My layout is at ground level
except the indoor bit where it rises to about 3′ off the floor, and I do
have rodent problems at times – in fact 3 of the things got into the
‘terminus’ part of my layout, and tunneled into the Styrofoam under the
station ! Took me ages to find out where the scratching noise was coming
from ! Anyway, eventually ‘evicted’ the trespassers, and all is quiet now.
Thanks for the video – it’s good to see some new video on this hobby on

Jim Costen says:

Fantastic. Measuring up my garden :)?

orinbay says:

Hi Ballan! So enjoyed your tour of your layout. This model must have taken
years to complete? The skills you used to bring your model to life is
obvious. Thanx for sharing.?

freethoughtmusic says:

Incredible. I had trouble telling it was a model at times. Just wonderful.
Thanks for posting. ?

Shane Woodward says:

Hi amazing layout are you in breaston as this showed up as your are if ao
get in touch thanks?

Peter Sparks says:

Great the video shows us how it should be done!
I look forward to seeing more.
Keep up the good work.?

carlbentley80 says:

Really nice layout.?

Quently Bentin says:

Lovely layout.?

Peter Dumbleton says:

Excellent :-)?

BurtonOnHumber says:

Superb running session and tour! I think I could happily sit and watch your
layout for hours 🙂 – Sim?

utvieweracct says:

that….was….AWESOME :)?

David Howarth says:

Thanks for the tour round, great way to see a layout ?

Jim Shaw says:

excellent do not believe I have ever seen such a view of a railway from
that angle before very well done?

Hendy121 says:

MOM, CAN WE RIDE IT AGAIN? 😛 love the layout… Keep watching it ?

Charles Bright says:

It is easy to criticise, I wonder what your critics have achieved? It was
immensely enjoyable. I ran some OO track outside when I lived in France,
but I found the combinations of +30 C down to -12 C played havoc with it.
Now I am back in the UK, I might try again. Thanks for posting the video,
keep up the good work.?

wynford garnett says:

can”t help but admire the scenic workmanship.?

John Brown says:

Smashing fun!?

orangepatriot85 says:

Cool video. Back in a minute, just going for a poo. ?

legoguy400 says:

What train is the camrea on?

lyonnesse100 says:

Terrific railway! Having worked for the railway around this time I
travelled a huge amount of the network including most branchlines, your
layout captures the atmosphere to perfection, I could hear the slamming
doors, smell the smoking carriages, wonderful. Today’s railway is far too
polished for me and with the death of locomotive hauled trains, almost,
this video brought the good old days to life, particularly enjoyed spotting
the class 40 on-shed and passing the 31, great stuff.?

stuart curtis says:

Be better if the date would stop flashing. ?

Battenburg70 says:

Hello; a few years ago I used my joinery skills to make my nieces a dolls’
house, then came other wooden products: furniture, rocking horses etc. I
would now like to make some railway carriages for a garden railway that I’m
going to create (5” scale). The carriages I have in mind are those ones
from British Rail in the mid 70s: dark blue, slam- door, separate
compartments and yellow fronts with a semi-circle roof. Do you know where I
can find plans so I can make a reasonably accurate model? I would be most
grateful for a reply…?

Wayne Bourdon says:

Very nice. Great detail.
Thanks for sharing.
If I can achieve half of what you have achieved I’ll be a very happy man.?

ay76 says:

Excellent stuff, really enjoyed the ride round the layout. :-)?

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